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  1. Yessss awesome, thank you Felix for your great work and thanks to all of you for every advise you gave to me and for building the best and dirtiest bunch of troopers in the Empire. Really proud to be a part of it!! All drinks on me in the cantina tonight!!
  2. Allright guys, now you can call me fix-it-Felix . Here are the changes... ammo belt Dlt-19, a little bit more used-look, dirt and the wires...
  3. Thanks guys, just back from holidays and did some fixes... The pack, it's not easy when you're home alone
  4. Yes, sorry for the procrastination First, Felix, thank you for your fast review. i really got so much to work the past weeks. But here we go... Reference ammo belt: Ammo belt right knee, white rivet: Front armor picture: And the pack, cutted bee stinger and mortar tube: I hope this will do, it's too late to put the armor on but i can make pics in full armor tomorrow if you need them
  5. No problemo I've never done so much homework in my whole life
  6. Felix Brörken TD-22013 Felixdario German Garrison Episode IV cantina captain Finally i've done it, here is my SWAT deployment. Hope you like it
  7. Awesome!! Congrats brother. Absolutely deserved. Your work is pure inspiration:)
  8. Hi Felix , there you go! I hope these pics are good enough, if not i'll make new ones, maybe without the belt.
  9. Thanks brothers, i've got another pic with photoshop level over 9000
  10. Felix Brörken TD-22013 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19739 Felixdario German Garrison And the action shot! Happy new year brothers!! Finally i'm ready to go for PO. If you need more pics please feel free to ask Greetings Felix
  11. Just awesome! Can't wait to troop with you guys!
  12. great idea! Will follow this one! Will you build a light frame in accurate size? Maybe you could fill the toolbox with helium
  13. My pack is finally finished. I'm really happy with it, just have to make it a little dirty. Thanks to all of you for your great work which inspired and helped me a lot so, enough bootlick, here are the pics... PO i'm coming!!
  14. This is the link to my backpack build: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=14078
  15. I've started my backpack a few days ago. I'm not finished yet but you can get a first impression of what i'm doing. Due to the fantastic backpack-research in this forum i've tried the best i can do to get a worthy result. Karrimor frame cut to size and painted black. Exhaust Port back in black i've tried to get the original look by using zip ties and modelling compound Original giostyle Ready...not Siphon is finished My little sonix, nearly done
  16. td-22013 reporting for duty next step is PO, i'll finish my pack the next days. Pics will follow!
  17. Requesting sandtrooper and 501st access, thanks Felix Brörken German Garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19739
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