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  1. Shoulder pouch issue

    I put an earth magnet in the corner of my pouch and one under the armor. This helps hold the pouch away from my arm
  2. Writing the R1 TD CRL

    The guy in the pic is a Garrison mate and his wife is an amateur photographer, so I'll ask them tonight
  3. Writing the R1 TD CRL

    The trooper wearing that is a HWT. He only owns the pack for R1. But I can ask him for pics of the pack.
  4. Bapty/tunisian e11

    Talk to Felice
  5. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I trooped the Powhatan Elementary Fall Festival and Halloween Trunk or Trick in Powhatan, VA last night. It was awesome to see so many children in Star Wars costumes!! We walked around outside and even visited the photo op booth.

    Hello MEPD folks and prospective members, I'm Tim and my forum name is Punisha. I've been a Sandy since October 2014. In that time, I have helped numerous members with costumes and have been directly involved in at least 5 TD builds or TK to TD conversions. While I have 16 501st costumes, the TD is my favorite. Each of the local TD's have been weathered in a slightly different way as I didn't want us to all look exactly the same. My personal kit is a deployed Police Officer. I am here to help anyone with questions and ideas. I'm very excited about this program and hope that it helps to swell the ranks of the MEPD!
  7. Experienced Webmaster for the MEPD needed!

    Welcome Garrison mate!!
  8. Helmet/Armor progress, and Harness questions

    I actually only use Velcro now. My kit has been through 105 troops.
  9. I'm glad this is coming out now. I was about to order one this afternoon.
  10. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I have 2 more troops to add to the list. I trooped the RVA Neurofibromatosis Walk on June 10. We got to see a lot of great kids and their families. The second event was a local Library free comic con on June 24. We set up a small table display and talked to the kids (and adults) about the 501st. Of course, I gave out some MEPD cards!
  11. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    Had an awesome time trooping this weekend at the SuperHero Heart Run in Richmond, VA. We found some sand and Disney Princesses. All while raising money for CHD research!
  12. Ambassador/ Armor Program

    I'm ready to be armorer for Garrison Tyranus.
  13. In the past, I've used a rubies $12 one with 3D printed parts added. Total e-11 price was around $25 and it was lighter in weight than all of my expensive ones.
  14. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    Here are a few more from The Big Brothers and Big Sisters event last night
  15. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    Did a Big Brothers and Big Sisters Fund Raiser event last night. Had a blast "playing pool" with Vader. BTW, that's TD-91197 in the Sabine.