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  1. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    Cub Scouts Blue and Gold West End Henrico County. 3/24/18
  2. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    77. ShatterdomeCon day 1 11/7/14 78. SHatterdomeCon day 2 11/8/14
  3. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    Only Sandy. I know a have more, I just can't find info on them. I have 175 total troops. I did 53 troops in 2017.
  4. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I'm going to try and recreate most of my troops here. Pics will follow as I locate them. 57. 2/12/17 Cancer Patient B-Day 58. 3/25/17 Beckett's Funeral 59. 3/3/17 VA Historical Society (Pics in an earlier thread) 60. 3/4/17 VA Victory Games 61. 4/14/17 Celebration in Orlando 501st Room Troop 62. 4/15/17 Celebration Bash Troop 63. 5/4/17 Big Brothers/Sisters Bowling troop (pics in earlier thread) 64. 5/6/17 Free Comic Book Day RVA 65. 6/10/17 NF Charity Walk 66. 6/24/17 Henrico Library Comic Con 67. 6/10/17 Richmond Comix Mini-Con 68. 6/4/17 Super Hero Heart Run 69. 7/29/17 Community Cosplay Celebration 70. 7/21/17 SW Movie in the Park 71. 7/8/17 VA Comic Con-VCU 72. 8/31/17 Salem Church Elementary Back to School Night 73. 8/19/17 Children's Museum SW Day 74. 9/30/17 Omega Con 75. 9/23/17 Glen Allen Day 2017 76. 10/7/16 BrickFest 2017
  5. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I'm going to try and recreate most of my troops here. Pics will follow as I locate them. 36. 2/20/16 B and N C'ville Reading Day 37. 2/20/16 Pinewood Derby 38. 2/6/16 Va Comic Con 39. 3/19/16 Ring of Fire Con 40. 3/20/16 Ring of Fire Con Day 2 41. 4/22/16 St. Bridget's School Family Night 42. 4/9/16 Griffincon 43. 5/21/16 Goochland Relay for Life 44. 5/7/16 Bon Air Day 45. 5/14/16 Relay for Life King William 46. 6/25/16 VA Comic Con 47. 7/10/16 LynLee's Celebration of Life 48. 8/27/16 OmegaCon 49. 8/28/16 OmegaCon Day 2 50. 9/10/16 Wizard World Richmond 51. 9/11/16 Wizard World Richmond Day 2 52. 9/18/16 Lego BrickFest 53. 10/22/16 Air and Scare 54. 10/29 VA Comic Con 55. 12/13/16 Cub Scout Xmas 56. 12/16/16 Rogue One Premiere
  6. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I'm going to try and recreate most of my troops here. Pics will follow as I locate them. 9. 3/21/15 Chesterfield ComicCon 10. 3/20/15 Futrell Wedding 11. Hayfield Comic Con 4/11/15 12. 4/25/15 Raven Con 13. 4/26/15 Raven Con day 2 14. 5/30/15 AwesomeCon 15. 5/31/15 AwesomeCon Day 2 16. 5/15/15 Relay for Life James River 17. 5/15/15 Fort lee Family Day 18. 5/15/15 Chalkley Elementary 5K 19. 5/4/15 May the 4th Augusta Library 20. 5/3/15 Mechanicsville Festival 21. 6/27/15 Fishersville Comic Con 22. 6/13/15 Summer Reading Kick-off RVA 23. 6/6/15 Summer Reading Kick-off Charlottesville 24. 7/11/15 VCU Children's Hospital 25. 8/1/15 Wizard World Richmond 26. 9/19/15 Glen Allen Day 27. 10/31/15 RVA Comic Fest 28. 10/10/15 Reads Day B and N Charlottesville 29. 10/10/15 Reads Day Clover Hill Library 30. 10/10/15 Reads Day CHarlottesville Library 31. 11/29/15 Toys for Tots SHort Pump TRU 32. 12/17/15 Charlottesville TFA Premiere 33. 12/18/15 Richmond Animal League Charity 34. 12/12/15 Literary Awareness B and N 35. 12/5/15 Richmond Xmas Parade 2015
  7. TD-10930 : Lots of Troops

    I'm going to try and recreate most of my troops here. Pics will follow as I locate them. 1. 9/20/14 Glen Allen Day 2. 10/11/14 Barnes and Noble Reads Day Midlo 3. 10/11/14 Clover Hill Library Reads Day 4. 10/11/14 Chesterfield B and N reads Day 5. 10/25/14Air and Scare 2014 6. 11/29/14 Help Feed the Hungry at Meadowdale Library 7. 11/30/14 Toys for Tots at Toys R Us Short Pump 8. 12/6/14 Richmond Christmas Parade
  8. *CLOSED*Fundraiser for Ryan and his family

    Money sent!
  9. Hello all! Welcome to our first newsletter to be published since the Legion Elections. We are all looking forward to another great year here at the MEPD. The forums are getting cleaned up and should be easier to navigate. Thanks to John and Gordon, we will see lots of new MEPD swag this year! You can read more about these things below. On a personal note, this is my first issue as the Chief Media Officer, as John has stepped up to be the new MEPD XO. I special thank you to Dutchy, LoveMonkey, Airborne Trooper, and Henselmonster for making my first issue as chief a great one! Read on! Troop on! - From the Desk of the DL - 2018 Election - Spring Cleaning - Police Officer and SWAT - Troop of the Month - MEPD Merchandise -Punisha (TD-10930) First things first troops, I’d like the thank all of you who have placed their trust in me for being your Detachment Leader for 2018. It was an exciting period for sure for me and for the other candidate, Kirk “Lovemonkey”. Thanks to you too my friend for being such a worthy opponent.I’m looking forward with each and every member of the staff to yet another great and exciting year filled with new challenges, discoveries and friendship. One major change has taken place though in the command staff and that is that Strider has stepped down as my XO. Thank you Strider, my brother, for sharing your knowledge here and being an ace trooper. The trooper that has taken his place and the honorable task of being my XO for this period is Henselmonster, good luck brother! Back to business now and pick up where we were before the election period. But even during this period we managed to get another CRL approved and new merchandise and that’s something that’s worth mentioning as well! Now that’s something I’d like to zoom into. We( still) need more excellent MEPD swag and the staff and myself are working on several new ideas and how to implement them. Maybe even create a special section for merchandise only or something like that, who knows! When you have any ideas for MEPD swag shoot me a pm to run them by me. And yes, of course we will try to stay on top of things and keep being one of the best( in my opinion the best) detachment of the 501st. How to achieve this I can hear you all think. Well, we need to do this as a team so please do contact me or the staff if you have any suggestions or ideas that are worth considering, your voice counts and will be heard! With new films being introduced at the speed it currently is, we will hopefully get some new costumes for the MEPD as well . I’m aiming for adding another 2 costumes to our ranks but that’s just a guideline. I can’t say this enough, I’m proud of you all. Without you we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have done last year. So let’s do this…Find droids, drink blue milk, immobilize sandcrawlers and take it easy on the moisture farmers. Stay safe and be dirty. Your Detachment Leader, Dutchy/ Justus Hello MEPD members, Well, another election cycle has come and gone. This year saw a lot of candidates and new ideas at the Legion level. The Legion Commanding Officer candidates were Stefan Cembolista of the Belgian Garrison, Ingeli Hedberg of the Nordic Garrison, Scott Rogers of the Southern California Garrison, and Bryon Mesarch of the Northern Darkness Garrison. Bryon Mesarch was the winner and our new Legion CO for 2018. Here at the MEPD, we had 2 wonderful CO candidates for Detachment Commanding Officer. Justus Parinussa, or Dutchy, from the Dutch Garrison decided to run for a second term. Also, Kirk Folsom, or LoveMonkey, from Alpine Garrison and a member of the MEPD Command staff decided to run as well. While Dutchy won the election and returned as CO for 2018, we are lucky to have both brothers as members of the 2017 and 2018 Command Staff. And congratulations to both gentleman for a fair and honest election. The 2018 Command Staff remains largely the same, so we can keep up the progress and forward momentum of 2017. Strider has stepped down as XO, but the former Chief Media Officer, John Henselmeier (Henselmonster) has stepped up to be our new XO. I, Tim Allen (Punisha), will step in as the Media Officer. Congrats and thank you to our new XO for 2018l. Last year saw many new costumes and great ideas come to the MEPD. We all know that other great ideas are coming for 2018, so make sure you check in here often to see what’s new. - Punisha - Chief Media Officer Hopefully you all saw this announcement (http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/15627-forum-cleanup/), but part of our 2018 goal is to clean up and reorganize the forums. While command is up to the task, we’d like to ask our fellow troopers to do your part as well. There are two things you can do. First, please take a moment to look through your sales threads and update or close them depending on their status. If your items are no longer for sale, we want to archive your thread so people have a nice, clean list of items that are actually for sale. We hope this will streamline your decision as you decide what to buy as you can find what is still actually for sale. Second, 2017 brought us many wonderful changes here at MEPD, but it also presented us with many challenges. One in particular is the Photobucket policy change, which no longer allows external image linking for free. As you’ve seen around here and other Legion sites, many images are broken and show a “Please Update Your Account to Enable 3rd Party Hosting images” logo or similar image. This is not ideal for prospective members looking for information or for members looking at completed PO and SWAT submissions as they prepare their own submission. Please help everyone in the detachment by taking a moment to go through your posts and update any missing images. There are several alternatives for image hosting, such as Imgur, Flickr, or Google Photos. The sooner we can update these pictures, the sooner the information will be available to help us all. I know this is a tedious chore, but it will help everyone out in the long run. Thanks to all our troopers in advance for your help in this forum cleanup. With unquestioned loyalty, LoveMonkey, TD-18542 Congrats to @m4vrick on his SWAT activation! SWAT is no easy task, probably one of if not THE hardest level 3 in the entire Legion. It was well deserved and a first for his region. Way to go troop! Big congrats to these troopers too for achieving Police Officer Deployment: Deckard1138 - TD 16103 As you know, we recently made a goal of reaching 500 deployed troopers. These programs were designed for those who choose to take their armor above and beyond the minimum requirements for basic 501st Legion approval. It gives you the chance to show a level of dedication and pride that takes your armor closer to being as "screen accurate" as possible, without as much extra work as you may realize! It also works on giving a better look to the Legion as an entity, and you can bet others will take notice of your hard work. Here are a few of the questions people may be wondering about: 1. I am a (tall/short/heavy/thin) Trooper. Can I still apply? Of course! These programs are open and encouraged for all sizes of TDs, as long as the costume is correct and meets the guidelines. 2. How much extra will I have to pay for extra items? The cost is actually quite reasonable, considering the few extra supplies you will need, which are listed in the requirements area. While it may run you a little more to implement these additions to your costume, they will go a long way to improving accuracy. While blasters are not required for basic approval, for PO and SWAT levels they are, and may need upgrades (also listed in the CRL). You’ll also need a pack, which you can purchase pre-made, in a kit, or scratch build your own. Check out either the pack forums to learn how to build your own or head to the Supply Depot and get in touch with some of the vendors. 3. I haven't even got my kit yet, is it too early to start planning? Actually, aiming for PO or SWAT is easiest to do right out of the box. You can plan the weathering, pouches, pauldron color, and other items you’ll need before you do the work. 4. I have my basic TD approval, can I still get in these programs? Absolutely! 5. Are there any "perks" to this extra work and cost? Besides knowing that you have a great looking set of armor, the 501st and MEPD believes you should be deservedly recognized for your achievement(s), and allows you to wear the appropriate embroidered "rocker" badge of rank (available for a very minimum cost) on your shirt, helmet bag, etc., as well as rank decals to put on your armor bin (available during merch runs). You will also have access to select "challenge coin" runs, receive (free) a cool certificate for your new rank, and have your title posted below your name in your MEPD signature. Plus, once you reach these levels, you will have the extra knowledge to help out those who are looking to apply as well. 6. Is it hard to apply, and what happens then? After basic approval, all you do is make sure your armor is up to the standards set forth in the CRL, post a thread with the required photos in the appropriate area (see below), and wait a bit for the D.O.s (Deployment Officers) to address it. (Hint: Studying other people's threads before you submit can be a GREAT help). These are also listed on the main page of the MEPD site. While waiting for approval, you will get some comments from others who will offer suggestions and constructive advice to help you out. If you should need any changes, the DOs will let you know, so you can adjust accordingly. Don't be dismayed if you do need changes... it's all for your benefit! After you are approved for PO, then you can submit for SWAT. Police Officer http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/12-mepd-police-officer-program/ SWAT http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/45-swat-submission-discussion/ Note: You will see some suggestions in the existing submissions/approval requests that, while not actually part of the CRL, are highly suggested items, (for your benefit). Those small details all add up to closer screen accuracy and prepare you for a SWAT submission. Just remember that the MEPD is here to help you every step of the way with whatever other questions you may have, but if you can't seem to find what you are looking for in your research, just post the question, or PM one of our armourers, and best of luck on your build! With unquestioned loyalty, LoveMonkey, TD-18542 Slowly, sandtroopers across the Empire's northern hemisphere are escaping the frozen planet of Hoth. In this edition, TD-68686/spOOL68 shares his troop from the St. Louis Blues Star Wars night on January 25th. TD-68686's E-11 mounted camera takes some amazing photos. Maybe his next mission report can show a POV of him blasting away the rebellion! Remember troopers, if you would like to be featured in the next newsletter, make sure you’re updating your troop logs! Explain the purpose of the troop, who attended, and any additional details you can! - Airborne Trooper • TD-82573 Hello troopers! The MEPD is happy to offer two great items of merchandise for the month of March! First up is the MEPD racing shirt For those who don’t have one, this is your opportunity to have one of the coolest racing shirts in the 501st Legion. You can choose your own pauldron color, Orange, White or Black. It will come with your name, nickname, and TD Number. Check out the art below! You can find more info HERE Next up we have a brand new Challenge Coin! This coin features the new costumes that have joined the MEPD family. Of course you will have a classic Sandtrooper, also the Battlefront Magmatrooper and Jedha Sandtrooper. You can more info HERE Be sure to check back on the forums for more great MEPD merchandise throughout the year! - Henselmonster - TD-11787 - MEPD XO Instagram!
  10. TD-44579 Oscar Mike in Garrison Tyranus

    I love seeing these 2 Garrison mate's kits side by side!
  11. I've rigged mine to wear on the shoulder bell strap and a magnet on the bottom, with a matching magnet on the back of the chest plate to hold the pouch in place.
  12. 2018 Election Results

    Here's to another great year Boss!
  13. MEPD on Instagram

  14. Shoulder pouch issue

    I put an earth magnet in the corner of my pouch and one under the armor. This helps hold the pouch away from my arm
  15. Writing the R1 TD CRL

    The guy in the pic is a Garrison mate and his wife is an amateur photographer, so I'll ask them tonight