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  1. syllander

    TM or RS

    No doubt that Paul's stuff is expensive. I haven't found anything in this hobby worth buying that isn't. After getting the box in and looking thru though, real amazement. Beautiful craftsmanship. Could not believe the level of detail that his cap shows in the trap areas, and this is the 2mm stuff!
  2. syllander

    Bigdane TM sandtrooper speedbuild

    Are you going for the "and on the seventh day he rested" technique? I'm literally at the point of taking a week off of work to get some real amount of work done on mine. Nice work there speedy!
  3. syllander

    Yep, You Guessed It...

    Two troopers keep messing this up!
  4. syllander

    Jancelot's TD Build (TM)

    Great looking trooper man! Fits you well and looks like it's right out of the movie. Now go find the nearest dirt pile and dive in! My TM should ship in the next few days...very excited!
  5. syllander

    Redforce TD build (WIP)

    I'd go with some clear satin lacquer from a Lowes or Wal-Mart or whatever. It won't wash off if you get wet.
  6. syllander

    EX's WIP! My very first build / (RS/ATA)

    I have the biceps and one forearm done, strip by strip and it's seemed to work for me, so hopefully that gets you square. I did it strip by strip just for lack of more clamps and that stuff takes forever to cure lol. So I just got lucky I guess.... With DCon this weekend MAN I wish I was done....sigh. Your armor is looking great though, and at least if you do decide to redo the strips the E6000 will work with you. I redid one bicep when I changed strip width and was relieved at how it does really hold, but at the same time you CAN get it apart if you desire.
  7. syllander

    EX's WIP! My very first build / (RS/ATA)

    Using plenty of clamps and rare earth magnets? Also use enough e6000 to get some squeeze out when clamped up. I'd fill it and move on, but make sure your clamping it good enough and waiting several hours before unclamping.
  8. syllander

    A few questions...

    Police officer does have a few differences between standard 501st admission and MEPD deployed status. SWAT status is even more and VERY detailed. Certain pieces need the "return" edge which does make them look thicker. Mostly the body pieces. leg pieces, and a little on the top of the bicep have some return edge, Check out pandatroopers build thread, it'll answer this better than I can state it. Stamdard strips are 15mm for arms and 20-25 for legs, but these vary trooper to trooper as the armor does have to fit you. I'd concentrate on getting the raised areas at the but joint (when placing two pieces together) to be roughly the same width as the cover strip. Then you work out the remainder to fit in the back. where you may need wider cover strips. I'm using 17mm for arms and 22 for the legs. And yes, you can make them fit you and still get approved. Lots of more knowledgeable guys here than me, but this is my take on it.
  9. syllander

    tk to td conv parts required

    Contact Scootch or trooper master or ATA. They should be able to square you away with the ab plate and knee plate swap.
  10. syllander

    EX's WIP! My very first build / (RS/ATA)

    Only if it's flashing(really thin excess) more material at the shoulder bells to chest piece is better, unless you have small shoulders . I'd leave it if it's the right thickness.
  11. syllander

    EX's WIP! My very first build / (RS/ATA)

    Be careful, and not saying be wasteful, but if you do just wreck a piece Terrell is very fair in pricing replacement parts, and rather quick. Looking good so far man!
  12. Looking really good! Looks like you threw it in the old storage room for years,
  13. syllander

    Yep, You Guessed It...

    Awesome...AP armor is under way. I'll post a thread once I get ready for strapping. Ordered a TM for good measure. And a ONE and a....
  14. I had intended to paint my AP set, but I got a piece naturally dirty just to kind of dry run the attempt. It loses that plastic look once it gets weathered appropriately, so I'm only painting the helmet.