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  1. Looking good so far! On your helmet, you may want to do a bit more filing on the teeth to get rid of all the flat recessed area.
  2. Good looking sandtrooper, Wayne! Welcome to the MEPD. Like Chris said, you're on the right track, but you will need a backpack and another pouch or two. I'm not command staff either, but a few other things do jump out on your armor that will need adjusting.. - Your kidney plate is upside down. The notches in the corners should be aligned with the butt-plate. - Also, your MP-40 pouch needs to be at your left shoulder in the front, not the back. - You will also need to attach the 3-button piece to the ab-plate. Great job on the weathering! Just a few tweaks and you should be ok. Good luck, trooper!
  3. You won't need the 1" white elastic for drop-boxes.. Sandies don't have 'em.
  4. Jason Rall, TD-76216 requesting sandtrooper access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16953&costumeID=2 Thank you!
  5. This was a little confusing to me as well. Since the MP40 pouch at the left shoulder is typically attached to the shoulder strap of the backpack, but the pack is an optional accessory for basic approval... ??? For my submission pics, I just rigged a piece of webbing that connects the pouch to the elastic on my left shoulder bell.
  6. I know what you mean, we've all been there.. It can be intimidating and first, and it's A LOT of info to take in. But just keep reading and researching and you'll get the hang of it. And yes, your first build is always the most nerve wracking. LOL!! HAHAHAA!!!
  7. Hi Paul, RT-Mod makes a great set of armor. A trooper in my garrison recently joined with one of his kits. When he says he 'does sandy gear', does he mean a commissioned build, or just supplying the parts required for a sandy (diamond knee plate and 3-button ab piece)? Most TK armor makers offer this an option. The weathering, especially for SWAT requirements, is gonna be up to you..
  8. Both the diamond knee plate and the 3-button ab piece can be purchased from Terrell with ATA Works ( ataworks@yahoo.com ). He has a pretty quick turn around time for individual parts. Although he might be getting backed up as of lately... Trooperbay.com has the diamond knee plate as well.
  9. That is one of Juan Matamoros' designs. He's definitely one of the go-to guys for Legion artwork these days. Amazing stuff!
  10. Looks good! Nice work! Looks like an ATA kit if I'm not mistaken..? You can use an image hosting site like Photobucket or Flickr rather than trying to upload large pics directly to MEPD. Upload your images to the hosting site, then copy/paste the direct URL link of each photo here using the 'Image' icon in the task bar above the reply window.
  11. Hi Seldon, Where in the PNW are you? A HWT is more similar to a TK than a TD. If you're thinking about getting dirty.. I say just go for it!
  12. I've heard that there is a slight difference in the shade of orange between Trooper1 and Trooperbay's captain pauldrons. Trooper1 uses a more muted/dull orange, and Trooperbay's is a little brighter with more red in it. Trooper1's being a more screen accurate version.
  13. Mine is about 99.9% Star Wars/geek... @rain_trooper
  14. Pre-ordered the Biker-Sandy print. SO awesome!
  15. Look great Rob! I bought some fullers earth, and I was going to use the hairspray method that trooperbay.com (Mike) shows in his tutorial. Is your bucket ABS or painted HIPS?
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