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  1. It was the rules regarding "how many" that also kept me from producing them. Because it would be a give away and not for sale or trade. But it does have the MEPD logo so I was unsure of the rules regarding that. And again the costs. I'd like to see another run of your stickers. I have only given mine away to some law enforcement friends, and I included one in that patch trade with our sheriff's department. Like you said at the cost of the stickers, too pricey for give aways. The stickers given away by law enforcement are the kind that are just glossy paper. Nothing like the vinyl fancy stuff. I know that one of our garrison uses a sticker company to make rolls of stickers for our garrison to give out at troops. I believe it is around $60. Don't know what the set up fee was though.
  2. I also have been working on this idea. I also thought of having a run of little plastic junior badges (after receiving my very own junior sheriff deputy badge from my fave deputy) These would be for more exclusive events like hospital troops. I thought these would be better than a trading card to hand out. But stickers would probably go faster than trading cards. The badge design I had considered was just the shield. I went off what the local sheriffs dept and the state police give out. And it is their shield, but in foil and black. I found the reason they did this, was cost. It costs less for the simplified gold foil and black. The average cost I found usually runs about 1000 stickers on a roll for about $150. It has just been the time, set up, cost and getting this cleared that has kept me from doing this. This is what our sheirffs dept junior deputy plastic badge looks like. Just simple black and gold.
  3. On the bottom I would make a swinging door similar to how the containers used for pneumatic tube systems are. I would put my items in a "view-tainer" and stick them up in the tube, swing/slide the bottom shut. I have seen TKs do it with their thermal detonator piece. But that is something that people have messed with. At least on the pack, the least obvious place someone would put something is in the radio box or the mortar. And it wouldn't have to be a View-tainer, the dollar store has little kids size water bottles that are skinny.
  4. I actually use my hip pouch. And had planned to use either the tool box or the mortar tube for storage. I would prefer the mortar tube, as people can be pickpockets or curious to see if the tool box or other parts open.
  5. I was hoping @iconoclasta_88 would chime in. Someone with the history background on it. Thank you.
  6. funny. I just have one that I made and it is a copy of the Troop Loops fake cereal box. Its been going strong since 2009 ish.
  7. Looks kind of dangerous to tread over there. I posted my two cents. (which the internet promptly ate and logged me out - no worry Ill repost) And I was not aware of the "wanting the HWT back" - where are these threads? edit - I'll post a link to this over in the private Facebook group - cause I know people don't hang out here as much as they do on Facebook.
  8. Would it be possible to find those with more current approvals? By your reasoning - those people based their packs off of screengrabs. And if they were approved for SWAT, then that must mean that their packs are screen accurate no? The reason for clear images of the pack is so there is minor guesswork. Looking at screen grabs, two different people can look at the same thing and say different opinions. Most of us know that every pack is probably on a karrimore frame. They require seed trays. They require a toilet syphon. But then when you start to break down to the different packs, not many people (especially myself) know that the filter from whatever goes on pack whatever. Like a parts list ? I just kind of wanted a pack thread - but similar to the layout of PandaTrooper's breakdown thread. So someone could see that there was more than pack three to build. And know the differences between them.
  9. And to me the top half where the leather tab is attached to the lid, looks more like a metal cap rivet than a circular stitch.
  10. Yah, see I wanted something nice and clean like Pandatrooper's pics. Not screen grabs. Is there any information as to which SWAT members have which packs? Would it be possible to have those members of SWAT, take photos of their packs, but make the pictures uniform. Much like the pictures required for PO. Left Right Top Bottom. Preferably against a backdrop of the same color.
  11. The Imperial Death Trooper belongs to Special Ops.
  12. Dangit. I don't know where to start. I dont even know how many different packs there are - I know there are at least three (without looking) Would we include the R1 - or is that still being decided as to where the R1 trooper goes? What about that touchy subject of SE trooper? Do "we" have nice pics like the ones in PandaTroopers breakdowns?
  13. Can you give an example of what you are asking? A photo link?
  14. Thanks man. I want to make a one off head badge for my bicycle. It's my official ground transport while on patrol at the Boonta Eve classic.
  15. Buhbam - stickied have the breakdowns of four.