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  1. Looks like Albert Nguyen’s work.
  2. Dang. I forgot to send in a pic of me. And we have a new member of the MEPD. Melissa Branch.
  3. I thought I had done this. pm incoming
  4. Cool. Would it be OK if I shared this over on the LotL FB group?
  5. Same. I was hesitant at first, as I like my “Aloha” shirts that thick cotton, like the kind from Hilo Hattie’s. This was a little thinner. But it still looks great. A color way like a Kelly green? With the Dewback a little more prominent?
  6. Looks fab. Looking forward to getting mine.
  7. I got my armor from ATA Works https://www.facebook.com/ATA.Armor But I'm short so it works for me.
  8. Interesting under suit. It appears to have the ribbing like the FO tk's.
  9. So it is some sort of heavy troop?
  10. Thank you for stopping in to help us out. Any info provided is helpful. @Punisha - there has been no response from Daniel/Skutch. And Noel/Bluey is listed as inactive and is no longer able to receive messages. I have also posted in our garrison’s private Sandy group for any ephemra related to the MEPD, but the chances of any of them having anything is doubtful as there have been very few merch runs (compared to other detachments) for MEPd over the years.
  11. Sorry, I saw the other post first. edit - So digging through lots of posts and using internet archive, I was able to find Sandtrooper. net which led me to https://web.archive.org/web/20020927231419/http://sandtrooper.freeservers.com/ The names that reoccur are Joe Musso @TD5374, Joey Beck @bamatrooper , @SethB6025 and TD0013. It appears that before it was Sandtrooper free servers, it was a Yahoo group. Looking at threads in here, another name comes up, but I do not know if they are MEPD, the name is BraksBuddy. All MEPD stuff appears to have be transferred over from that person to Joe Musso. To make this official on php instead of yahoo board. It looks as though the Yahoo group died when it was brought over to the php platform. There is mention of it being in 2001. In this thread @Rolf also mentions in the thread that he has been a member of the 501st since 2001. I do not know details there. So if any of the previously mentioned members are still around or you can contact them, you might have better info. All I have is this. The quote on a trading card - who it came from I do not know. It is just the standard card. I also have my own stack of them and they are the same. The second is a quote I pulled from either here, or I may have pulled it from another page. The quote is similar. The only difference is the use of “oldest” and “first”. I had been writing up a document around 2013? I forgot the purpose of it though. “It was founded in 2000 and is one of the oldest detachments in the 501st legion.” - found on an old and new trading card. “It was founded in 2000 and is one of the first detachments in the 501st legion.” - pulled from either here or the other site. See following information. The page I pulled the quote from might have been be a personal webpage by a Sandtrooper , from when I was working on my build (this would be 2011-2012) I recall that there were images of the different helmets, specifically there was the Oakley helmet. Don’t know if that helps jog someone’s memory. I also recall that maybe “Sarge” was featured on that page, because there was a remark of “oldest member of the 501st is a member of it’s oldest detachment”. Unfortunately the background color of the page was orange/beige and black text. So that doesn’t narrow that down. If you want me to try to find the page, I might be able to find the hard drive from three PCs ago and search for that document. It may have the info buried in it. But it is doubtful. Also It has been posted on “our “ main page for as long as I can remember. So I am not sure why it wasn’t brought up if that information has been incorrect for all these years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://www.mepd.net ”Our History The MEPD began in late 2000 as a small group of Sandtrooper costume owners hoping to become the official Sandtrooper Detachment of the 501st Legion. That wish was fulfilled in early 2001.” Edit - so even if I am wrong with the 2020, our own page would indicate that 2021 is our 20 anni. Edit - removed remark about geocities page - I think I only stole some images from it that were reference images of Sandtroopers and not the page I was talking about. Edit - Noel Green aka Bluey and Daniel Carlton aka Skutch, are two of the older former MEPD members I know of who are local to me. But they have both “dropped off the internet”. They would have been able to answer questions, but Noel had been trying to disconnect himself from everything internet and smart phone. I last saw Daniel in 2019. I will try to reach Daniel. (Just sent Daniel a message over on our garrison’s forum) edit - Is it possible to see the “history” of the front page that we all are quoting? Like the various edits, to see when that mention of EZ boards was written?
  12. Nope. Level 1 - Plain old sand trooper. Pack not required. Level 2 - Pack required even if the trooper does not have a pack on screen. Level 3 - Cannot be level three unless you have been approved for level 2. You cannot jump from Level 1 to Level 3. This is why I am still plain old sandy. If I want to be PO (Level 2)- even though Captain Roadblock V2 has no pack, I still have to build a pack. Pack is required in order to be approved for P.O. (Level 2) In order to be SWAT (Level 3) - I would have to have the PO designation first. So I would still have to build a pack, because in order to be SWAT (Level 3) you have to have completed and be approved as P.O. (Level 2) This was how it was explained to me.
  13. I got all excited when I saw the thread was bumped. Then I saw that we still dont have any 20th anniversary merch. :/
  14. We are back from Speed Week at Bonneville. We did super amazing great. (Set a world record that might not be broken for a while). I may run next year. While out, I brought my little Sandy and Dewey along for pictures.
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