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  1. Fraulein

    Boots won't fit under armor

    Woah. Would it be possible to give me the entire message and not just the line you have quoted? Or any other info that came with that?. So I can share it on the LotL forum. I had recommended TK boots recently.
  2. Fraulein

    Where can I find the CRLs for PO/SWAT?

    Try this link http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_sandtrooper Basic Sandtrooper is all in black text. Police Officer requirements are the blue text. (these are in addition to the basic ones) SWAT requirements are in the dark red.
  3. Fraulein

    What is in your helmet?

    Nothing much. My head and hair is far to big for anything else. I have some padding for my forehead from a Team Wendy Epic air replacement liner set. And Petzl replacement foam for a vertex helmet. Even though it is for the head band part, I adhered it to the inside of the helmet.
  4. Fraulein

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Oh man - that so much. The one idea I did have was just too cool, but due to the number of people in the detachment and the cost of setting up the artwork and production of the items and the required minimum, it just wasn't happening. But I do keep it in mind in case I ever hit the lotto.
  5. Fraulein

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    I have been working on two merch ideas. The logistics of getting everything sorted and approved has been a daunting task for me, probably because I have never ever done anything like this before. So maybe the problem partially lies in the amount of time and money that someone has to put in before something goes into production might be some of the delay. I'm cool with there being no merch coming out constantly. It makes it more exclusive when something does come out.
  6. Fraulein

    Craft Foam Pouches

    Pretty neat, but I had thought the CRLs required the pouches to be canvas, leather or leather-like. Leather like meaning a material like "pleather" or imitation leather, not craft foam. So I would think these would not be approvable. @henselmonster - asking for clarity in case someone does make these pouches and goes for approval to find out that they are not.
  7. Fraulein

    Belt Weathering

    I did a "watercolor" method. I dampened the area I was working on with water. Then did little dabs of the clay I use (would work the same with paint) gently tapped the brush/Qtip/swab/sponge onto the fabric. Not making too much contact with the belt fabric, but letting the water in the fabric wick from the brush with the clay/paint. This way the weathering would be "in" the belt and not just on top of the surface looking like I had an accident with pudding in the lunch room.
  8. Fraulein

    UFO Festival, Roswell, NM

    Great job. Bet it was great having a huge event/troop in the bottom of the state that you could easily get too, for a change. Glad everyone could meet up.
  9. Fraulein

    Painting of Storage Box for armor

    This is mine. Law enforcement, racing, things that represent my state, and SW and other fandom stuff. Some of the stickers are starting to peel off, because the trailer gets hot when we are out at El Mirage.
  10. Fraulein

    Need to buy new tigth

    Do you mean thigh? Airborne Trooper suggested contacting your local garrison. If you are in the Kbec area - this is who your garrison would be http://501stqc.ca/en_contact.html Explain that you have a set of armor and require assistance with assembly. Looking through your posts - I would really recommend you contact the garrison for assistance on completion of the build. I inboxed them on Facebook, letting them know there is someone in their area that needs assistance. I think it would be beneficial for you to have someone in person to assist with the build. Also make an attempt to contact the maker of your armor as well. Getting armor from a different maker, it might not match the original.
  11. Fraulein

    shin and thigh

    As I understood it, to be SWAT (same level as centurion) it was required to have the screen accurate strapping and "under pinnings".
  12. Fraulein

    Arresting rebel scum

    This was from a public safety day a few years ago. I was arresting him on an outstanding warrant, and for failure to appear. The Tusken is aka TD-6851
  13. Fraulein

    Dirty techniques

    Similar method here. There is a lot of different colors of clay around here. Everywhere I go I look out for beautiful colors to add. When I get a new clay I add it to my armor. So if you look at photos of my submission to today, I get dirtier. I think it looks realistic as it gets dirtier. I used a natural sea sponge, a toothpick, horse hair, an old piece of terry cloth.
  14. Fraulein

    shin and thigh

    Heavy duty Velcro. But if you plan on going for level 2 Police Officer or SWAT in the future, hooks will be required.
  15. Fraulein

    May/June 2018 MEPD Newsletter

    That is unfortunate then. I would have thought a "trooper tracker" that is recorded officially by the garrison should qualify. I understand the need for photos. But I do object to the requirement of photos. I'm not all about the patches, just feel that it might be unfair to those who have trooped an event, it has been officially recorded, but due to there not being a photo, they would be disqualified from it counting as a troop. I have trooped over 25 troops since I became a member - but have very few images of myself trooping. Unless you count accidental butt photos. There have also been the troops at a hospital where you are explicitly not allowed to take photos due to privacy reasons. How are you to know that someone hasn't gamed the system by providing maybe a different image from the same troop for a troop they might not have an image for?