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  1. Photobucket Nightmare Ends!

    Ill reserve judgment as well, until I see the price plan. Ok - so it is free if you don't need hotlinking. And then it is $2.25 a month if you need hotlinking.
  2. May/June 2018 MEPD Newsletter

    Question about the roughnecks program. What if there are no images to show the troop - but there is a "trooper tracker" entry?
  3. Toys R Us Landspeeder

    Youll have to get your kids into the GA. Our GA kids attend the local cons and ride around in their jawa outfits.
  4. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    The one on the 501st merch is missing the molle strip. That is what makes it look odd. I think at this point - maybe it'd be cheaper to do a smaller patch run, and everyone slap it on the weathered boonie hat they already have
  5. Out of helmet head cover/hat

  6. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I like the black boonie (mostly because I already own one or two) and it coordinates on the black and orange of the pauldron.
  7. Baseball Rubbing Mud Method?

    I use slip, I made from clay from around the state where I live. I guess it would be similar to baseball mud. I used different textures and different layers. I used natural sponges. Some have large holes and some small. I also used the inside of a sock for the looped thread texture. I mostly swirled and dabbed in one motion. Sometimes smooshed it down and then swirled when it was semi dry in spots. BUT - I found it is best to try to do all of the armor in one day. I found that when I did the arms on one day and then finished another part maybe the next weekend, the result was noticeable. So I cleaned it all and just did it all in one day. I used a super fine paintbrush for the corners or details like on the "donut twinkie" box on the back, or the "tears" or "grin". Where dirt and grime would naturally gather if it was left out and never cleaned off.
  8. SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Yes. Someone else sees it.
  9. I Now I just carry random hard drive parts that came from an old computer. The spindle and actuator arms seem to entertain kids.
  10. Neck seal question

    I made mine. It has two pieces at the back. There is the collar and then a tab that is separate. The ends of the collar have Velcro, and the tab piece is the softer side of Velcro. This way it is adjustable. When I do wear it, I usually wear it loose, as I don't want to overheat.
  11. before I was in the 501st - one year for Halloween I had crafted one of those cheap $1 pumpkin candy buckets into an Ewok head. Blood and gore. I had found one of those scary teddy bear masks at the thrift shop and changed it into an Ewok. Was a TK handing out candy from an Ewok head.
  12. Potential From Florida

    That is what I was asking. So "we" don't have the trooper officially.
  13. Potential From Florida

    "We" already have the Mimban trooper?
  14. Hasboro Toy Shop - Sandtrooper and Dewback Black Series

    Where did you find yours?
  15. elastic connecting forearm and bicept

    I have some foam padding in my fore arms. I think they just stay up from the foam rubbing against the fabric of my shirt. Kind of like Velcro in a way. No snaps for me.