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  1. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I rocked a fez earlier this year. We were messing around in a surplus shop that had militaria. It was a waffen fez though. So I could see people getting upset with that buuuut it did look snappy. A Glengarry cap was spiffy as well.
  2. I got my siphon from All Bits plumbing in the UK. I shaved down some of the plastic and bondo'd it. It was listed as Toilet WC Cistern For Lever Macdee Round 3 Part Syphon Rapid Fit Flush Unit 9" If they do not have it, at least you have the name of the product to search for in other shops. You most likely will have to search for UK sellers, as that style is not used in the US. Their contact info Allbits Plumbing108-110 cuxton roadstroodrochesterKentME22JAUnited Kingdom Phone #01634 712816
  3. Some minor problems.

  4. Staying in character

    Depends on the event. And what troopers are there. If there is my favorite Jawa, I'll usually drag around with her like keep an eye on her. She plays around like she is trying to steal everything or touch shiny things. I'll stand and give her a "put it back" motion, or "hands off" or the "scolding finger". If there are other TDs then it's serious. Or Ill play the foil to whoever is being the most serious. My character is usually fun. However - If there are kids and they are frightened or there is a child with special needs that is unsure or having a difficult time processing (I work with special needs kids, and I somehow have the ability to spot them) I go out of character and come down to their level and remove the helmet. Take time out of trooping. Show them the helmet. Let them put it on.
  5. Infos about move along scene

    The only possibility I see is that trooper in the center stands sort of like a female. The only female I see in any of the photos, is what appears to be the script reader. When people go off script. She is the one with the floppy hat. I don't believe though she was a sandy. Most of the photos autographed are random sandies. There is never one sandy pointed out, in the photos I have seen. If you were in different scenes, you would sign your autograph over the one you portrayed right, or maybe put a tick mark to that one right?
  6. Infos about move along scene

    Looks like the Rebels have the same issue http://forum.rebelscum.com/t1069268/
  7. The Command Staff members

    Congratulations to those coming in. And thank you to Felice for all these years.
  8. Help promote the MEPD!

    Check out our Galactic Academy cadets, and Andrew Villanueva TD 66427, this weekend.
  9. Infos about move along scene

    IMO - he doesn't look like any of these dudes. But I dunno. There are many uncredited actors. That people are still searching for.
  10. Forum Replying issues

    I had also thought that - but there are other people who are not command staff that have posted in some threads like the pinned "501st legion rules thread" and created threads like the "about photobucket " thread. So ?? Also there was maybe one or two threads I had posted in, like maybe last year or the year before. Or like the newsletter threads - maybe put them in a different forum, so people can be congratulated on their achievements?
  11. Forum Replying issues

    Nope. Where it should have the "quick reply" field, above the "Go To Topic Listing" with the left directional chevron, it is not there. The only option available to me is "report post" and "share" edit - I'm going through all the individual subforums to see if it is not just in announcements. edit - looks like that is the only one affected.
  12. Forum Replying issues

    I'm not allowed to post replies in any thread in the announcements section. It has been like that a while now. Don't know who else it affects, but in some threads that were asking for input, there are very few replies, perhaps for same reason?
  13. What do you do with patches?

    Put them in a big Ziploc bag. Really. I haven't done anything with them yet. I have been considering what my mom used to do with patches earned in Brownies/Girl Scouts. This was in the days when you were not allowed to have them on your vest. Even if we were, that's not how I roll. I hated that stupid vest. But she made me a bucket hat. And the patches that were not for the sash, went on the hat. I still have my hat. Coincidentally, the hat is orange, brown and white. And I think the bucket hat would be a nod to the famous bucket hat guy.
  14. Junior MEPD badge stickers

    It was the rules regarding "how many" that also kept me from producing them. Because it would be a give away and not for sale or trade. But it does have the MEPD logo so I was unsure of the rules regarding that. And again the costs. I'd like to see another run of your stickers. I have only given mine away to some law enforcement friends, and I included one in that patch trade with our sheriff's department. Like you said at the cost of the stickers, too pricey for give aways. The stickers given away by law enforcement are the kind that are just glossy paper. Nothing like the vinyl fancy stuff. I know that one of our garrison uses a sticker company to make rolls of stickers for our garrison to give out at troops. I believe it is around $60. Don't know what the set up fee was though.
  15. Junior MEPD badge stickers

    I also have been working on this idea. I also thought of having a run of little plastic junior badges (after receiving my very own junior sheriff deputy badge from my fave deputy) These would be for more exclusive events like hospital troops. I thought these would be better than a trading card to hand out. But stickers would probably go faster than trading cards. The badge design I had considered was just the shield. I went off what the local sheriffs dept and the state police give out. And it is their shield, but in foil and black. I found the reason they did this, was cost. It costs less for the simplified gold foil and black. The average cost I found usually runs about 1000 stickers on a roll for about $150. It has just been the time, set up, cost and getting this cleared that has kept me from doing this. This is what our sheirffs dept junior deputy plastic badge looks like. Just simple black and gold.