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  1. I don’t know if you could get it down to 2 kilos. The toilet siphon weighs about .3 of a kilo. The frame, depending on what you end up using may weight a kilo. I know a few of our garrison members that do have PO status, but do not wear their pack at troops. Bluey, a former member here and of our garrison and one of the people who created SWAT. I saw him wearing a pack maybe once. Im not sure about how others do it.
  2. Depending on materials used to build the pack, 10-15 pounds is accurate. I feel you though. I have spine issues and cannot wear a backpack for very long. I am plain old Sandtrooper for however many years now.
  3. A pack is required for PO (level 2)In order to go SWAT (level3), you have to already be PO.So, If you wish to go SWAT, and choose a character with no pack (like Road Block Captain V.2) , you still have to have a pack, because you cannot go SWAT until you have been approved as PO. And in order to be PO, you have to have a pack. But you do not have to wear the pack. You cannot go from Level 1 to Level 3. You have to go in order.If you could go SWAT without a pack, I would have already done this years ago.
  4. If they were stored on Photobucket - they are no longer able to hotlink images. Photobucket changed their free accounts around a year ago and now no longer allow hotlinking, unless you pay their ransom.
  5. It was probably the waxy finish that kept it from taking the dye.
  6. Read my edit Wool shrinks in hot water.
  7. edit - looking through all of the information on it - I believe it is cotton or canvas tarpaulin fabric. It MAY be dyeable. But it has a finish on it which makes it water repellant. Is the texture waxy?
  8. I thought they were going for basic approval.
  9. I thought you were at T4T in 2015? That was when we had quite a few sandies. Noel, Johnny, Myself, Tye and I thought you? No?
  10. Yay. I got it right. I follow that thread because I keep forgetting where it is. Had you not mentioned screenshots - I would not have figured it to be that one. I don't know who put it all together - but it is super clean and organized. As an example to show someone what can and cannot go together - I went through the effort of making them paper dolls. It helped the individual visually connect to what I was explaining. Showing them the print out and online the images of the different TDs just didn't seem to be working. But making them into a little paper doll - the lightbulb went off in their head. If you are going to get back to work on making new updated versions - make them neat and tidy (in case I need to make another paper doll )
  11. All of my DRG patches are Sandy Patches.
  12. I think that Pandatrooper's pics should remain the standard. Because there are people who are still referencing them, or may have them saved. They have helped me explain the breakdown of the different TD's to someone still building their TD (I blame Kylo Ren for this persons delay of a year ) Unless there are SWAT ones missing from his images. Unless the @Plainsrunner is asking for the thread with all of the screenshots and close ups went -
  13. I don't have any, but I can help you with the name of the style of boot is called Chelsea.
  14. One of my favorite troops is the "Home Depot Kids Safety Troop" - I always go straight for the kids bike safety course. FTR - I do ride my regular bike in armor when we have been out at El Mirage and in the neighborhood.
  15. I think the Northern Darkness Garrison covers the Lake county area. Northern Darkness Garrison http://www.ndgarrison.com/ The other garrison I think is also closest to you would be the Midwest Garrison. http://www.midwestgarrison.com/ I would contact them as they are local to you. They can probably find someone close to you to help you out. Maybe even have an armor party. I'm not sure who here might be a member.Speaking from experience, cutting and assembling your armor by yourself without any help is frustrating and daunting. I just kind of figured you were in Hammond from your email address. I would contact their CO, XO or GML http://www.ndgarrison.com/contact.php Joining their forum might also be of benefit, as you can get quicker help and in person probably. You will also meet your future garrison members. Some garrisons have a Facebook group where they help incoming members.
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