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  1. hairball2

    Lion Star Canteen to Bee Stinger Tutorial

    great work, how did you attach it to the backpack? and what blue/brand is that?
  2. hairball2

    Color of RS backpacks?

    does anyone know what color rs uses for the "blue", and how I need to repaint some parts.
  3. excellent, great build :-) any link on parts u used? thanks. :-D
  4. hairball2

    Binoculars for HWT

    the only one i know of is from, doopydoos in the UK
  5. This is how mine is, square plastic velcro. Glued on with Amazing goop.
  6. hairball2


    im taking the trip over seas to the celebration, also my first time in USA, so im really exited :-D
  7. hairball2

    white pauldron cantina trooper helmet

    we love to how you did the weathering
  8. I did try to match the old Bakelite stock. mine is dark brown with a hint of red, and some light black weathering/smear
  9. hairball2

    DLT-19 or T-21...

    Send a email to doopydoos, they do runs on the DLT-19 from time to time. They are very nice. I have one :-D
  10. hairball2

    how to behave like a sandtrooper.

    I very familiar how to behave with children. :-) its just the character i really want "copy"
  11. hairball2

    how to behave like a sandtrooper.

    I said: MOVE ALONG!!!!
  12. Just wondering if people could share there tips/tricks/voice dialog. Good to have some pointers to make it more authentic. I feel that i could do more, still feel i need more caracter. please shere any thoughts/video/audio
  13. hairball2

    Unedited cantina scene.

  14. Dont know if this has been spotted before, but the ammo pouch on the sandtrooper on left if loose a flapping all around.
  15. hairball2

    New Sandtrooper Feedback

    first though, backpack higher up, remove sticker, and lower the ammo pouch a little. What vf02112 says