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  1. 2018 Election Results

    Congrats Dutchy and thanks to LoveMonkey for running this year.
  2. I own an MG-34

    Photos with measurements would be awesome
  3. Armor Kit

    I also have two AM armour kits, a TD and a TK and they are awesome for us bigger troopers
  4. Vacuum Formed Canteens for the Stinger

    Awesome, need a couple of these.
  5. A soldier has fallen

    Buckets off. RIP mate.
  6. Weathering first attempt

    Thanks taz. Good luck with your approval.
  7. Weathering first attempt

    Just wanted to know if my weathering is good enough for police officer
  8. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    TD84000 Requesting access Kevin Plunkett plunk72@gmail.com Desert Scorpion Squad http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18285&costumeID=2
  9. 1st backpack build pics and feedback please

    Godonators cistern is about $40 delivered to Australia, I also used seed trays from Bunnings, about $8 each and radio faceplates I got from the TAG forums here in Australia. I also.have some mushroom caps if you need some.send me a pm if you need anything else. Hope this helps.
  10. Desert Sergeant Bucket

    Thanks for the feedback, will get onto this asap.
  11. Desert Sergeant Bucket

    Hi, I just want the experts opinion on the weathering on my bucket as this is my first go at weathering. I want to go for SWAT as the Desert Sergeant/ Look sir droids Sandtrooper. please be honest and brutal as I want to get it right the first time.
  12. Is AM armour good for SWAT

    I've been going through the forums and cant seem to find any AM SWAT threads, is it no good for SWAT. I need help please as I'm a big dude and I would like some advice.
  13. NE Armour

    This does help, But after a little more research I will be going for AM armour. Thanks.
  14. NE Armour

    Just wondering how good NE armour is and is it good enough for SWAT. I'm just wondering as I finally got my ATA armour (TK and TD) to find out that it was too short and legs and arms to small so I sold them and now looking for more armour. thanks
  15. Which is the best pauldron to go for as I want to go for a swat level with my build