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  1. Crikey, a lot of fuss going on here for about an hours worth of mods....
  2. mr_hair

    *ACTIVATED*TD-10068 SWAT Deployment #34

    Great job Ricky. Another fantastic SWAT build, and a fine addition to Britannia Patrol.
  3. mr_hair

    *ACTIVATED*TD-10068 SWAT Deployment #34

    Excellent job Ricky. Good to see more Of the BP boys going for SWAT.
  4. Good work matey. Welcome aboard!
  5. With mine, I painted the whole thing gunmetal silver, then dry brushed the whole thing satin black. The butt stock is painted a reddish brown, then I rubbed in black with a sponge, pulling it all in one direction so it looks kindaile wood grain
  6. mr_hair

    2015 Q&A thread MEPD CO candidate "dutchy"

    Great opener mate. Best of luck :-)
  7. This should be useful too... http://www.starwarshelmets.com/original-stormtrooper-stop-that-ship-helmet.htm You want to nail all those drips & imperfections. The Stop That Ship trooper is the same armour as Cantina Cap
  8. mr_hair

    New member of UKG aspiring for 'sandtasticness'

    Hello mate, welcome to the sandpit. Think there are a couple of lads round your way.
  9. mr_hair

    Need Some Help

    Good to have you back mate. Chin up lad
  10. mr_hair

    It's a boy!

    Congrats Trooper!
  11. mr_hair

    RS props "move along" helmet Xmas raffle

    Oh Brad I forgot to say, last weekend I wee'd in your helmet...
  12. Hit me up if you need Tusken bits anytime Brad, you know I'm good for 'em