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  1. I used a black pull over turtleneck that I cut out of a sweater for years, until I was got in on a group buy from a supplier, 5 or so of us in our garrison went together which cut down the price. before that I was just to lazy to buy one and no one was pressuring me to get one...
  2. I put three snaps on my belt but ended up not using the front middle one.
  3. the drooping belt maybe fixed easily with snaps, I use a snap on each side for my TK but my TD is bolted on.
  4. if I had to do it, it would be a pain, I would need to cut off the existing buttons, do the mod, then re add the buttons.... I won't unless my GML says I have to...
  5. thanks Guys, no swat here, if I were to come into some money, maybe go for it with fresh armor
  6. you guys think that the notch on the side button strip is necessary? mine does not have since it was a TK, I am little scared to try to mod that if I do0 not have to..... my armor is old, 1999 old.... also if I have to, how would I go about doing it? the buttons are already on, I took one off since a TD has 3 and a TK has 4... any help or ideas?
  7. I had to do the conversion of the plate from scratch on my FX armor, I have been thinking about adding the circle but I was wondering how, does anyone have dimensions?


    yes very nice, please go into more detail please
  9. I am glad you were able to order one. my kit came with one and cheese grater hand plates, I put them away, so now that I am working on a TD I have them ready
  10. Hey Tony, I sent you a message outlining my abplate conversion, sorry I did not take any photos of it.
  11. really good looking E11, great work as with everything you posted so far
  12. that is a great look Gibbon but for me it would be too much since I have a big head and my ATA only needs a thin strip of foam along the sides and one around the back to keep it in place better, not sure what my new AP helmet will need yet but that is something I will need to look into it, the dimensions are similar but a bit bigger in some areas
  13. this is taken from the FISD tutorials: Step 1: Cut ABS Strips Cut thin, short strips of matching ABS into a (clean) cup or similar. A glass vessel is preferred! Don't go pouring acetone into a plastic cup. Step 2: Mix with Acetone Carefully pour acetone so the fluid covers the ABS shards. Go easy on the acetone - add a little at a lime instead of drowning the ABS shards. We're talking really small amounts of the stuff here - a couple of thimbles worth of shards and acetone. Step 3: Wait Depending on the thickness of the ABS pieces, acetone dissolvation time might vary. Check progress every now and then, stir a little with a (clean) rod or stick. Apply more acetone if plastic won't dissolve in a satisfactory way. Go easy on the acetone though - you want a runny, but not watery substance Step 4: Apply Paste When the acetone/ABS concoction is a bit on the runny side, begin applying to damaged area on armour or helmet. Easy does it - make sure you fill the gouge properly. Step 5: Let Dry When happy with the results, leave alone and let the acetone dissolve fully. ABS hardens and fuses with your armor/helmet. Regarding drying time, it depends on amount of ABS goo used and size of damaged area. YMMW. If your ABS milk is runny enough, it will just fill the damaged area - no need to sand. Still, if you get a bump, sand it down with fine-grit sandpaper, buff out the rest with Novus, and you're done!
  14. in the CRL a backpack is optional. so I cannot see why a GMO would not clear you without, unless you are going for a specific trooper look for SWAT, but some do not have it anyways... I am not going for that and will go backpackless and with cheese grater hand plates, something you do not see too many troopers have these days... I have been itching to wear them ever since I got them in my AP kit 4 years ago
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