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  1. AWESOOOOME!!! UKG and MEPD clearance in one week Thanks to everyone but especially Ricky (UKG Armourer) who's been instrumental in getting me here. Will get my picture over to Luis soonest. Thanks again guys and proud to be MEPD!
  2. Name; Ian Trebinski ID; TD-19976 MEPD Forum Name; Vossk Garrison; UK Garrison Front View Front Left Rear Left rear View Rear right Front right Front view, no blaster - leather reproduction pouches on shoulder Right side Left side Backpack detail Gloves detail Blaster Left side Blaster Right side Bucket Right side detail Flat green lenses Mic tip detail Frown cut-out detail Bucket Left side detail Canvas shoulder straps detail Canvas shoulder straps both sides Belt detail Ab rivets on left side Ab fastener (right side) detail Crotch fastener/rivet detail Bucket Off
  3. Thanks Brother! Yep, we're only 2 strong but are holding our own here in the Jundland Wastes. Hopefully getting a transfer form the UK Garrison as well, soon.
  4. Hi Brothers, Did a small "troop" at the Dubai Marathon this weekend, in aid of Leukaemia Awareness. Had a great support team and the event went really well - about 20 of us in total raised a good chunk of money. A few photos here on Google... https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/110070169171509247729/albums/5973111110947040337
  5. Hi Brothers, I managed to get my blaster into the UAE without any problems (most likely due to incompetence/lack of interest at Dubai Airport, I fear..) but was wondering about clearances/permissions needed to take it into Europe. I want to fly back to UK in February for a troop at my daughters' school, but wanted to find out exactly what sort of customs clearance i need, if any. All advice appreciated! /salute
  6. Happy Birthday brother! Hope you have a few celebratory Jawa Juices
  7. Thanks guys - very pleased & proud to be part of the Legion, and especially the MEPD Not sure about Enlisted status though; Rick - will drop you a PM about it. Cheers all and will get WIP photos/videos & Trooping pics posted soon
  8. Got my 501st approval this morning, TD No. 19976 Also, straight into the XO's role of the UAE Outpost - not difficult really, as there's only 2 of us, including me, lol. Gonna have my first (solo) troop on Friday at the Dubai Grand Parade, so may make the local news but will be sure to get some photos posted soon.
  9. No worries dude. I did experiment with paints on some spare ABS that RS kindly provided but felt they just looked too flat; the blotches, sweeps & smears from the Fullers earth is far more natural and gives a crusty "dusted on", rather than "wiped off" look. The other advantage, from a disaster recovery perspective, is that the hairspray/Fullers earth combo washes straight off after 20 seconds under a warm shower, no rubbing/scrubbing required as with paints. I speak from experience...
  10. Thanks guys Had the Grand Unveiling for the family tonight; now have a 5-year old girl who's extremely proud to have a Sandtrooper Daddy Really looking forward to trooping soon, and hopefully seeing some of you at some events. Cheers!
  11. PS - I followed TB's advice and used 1500 grit sandpaper, but this was too brutal for my RS armour. I would recommend using much finer paper and working up in grades until you get the desired result.
  12. Hey Sarge, I followed the video from Trooperbay and was really pleased with the result; basically, use hairspray as the 'glue', and build up the layers. I did an initial, light coating of the sand-coloured FE to provide the overall grubby base coat. Then a solid application of the cocoa-coloured one, focussing on the creases & crevices. Once this is dry, use a damp rag (I used a flannel, to get an uneven appearance) to break up the FE and push/wipe/smear it into all the cracks and break up any lines or streaks. Finally, another light coating of the slate-coloured, to give that top-coat, grimy look. Once you're happy with the result, give the armour a really good blast of hairspray to lock everything in, then just lightly buff out the shine, so it doesn't look too new. I really just followed TB's video, and the only differences were; a) the personalisation fo the actual weathering strength/appearance, and i didn't sand as much; I just relied on the wet rag I've got some WIP photos & videos, which I'll upload soon and will add some more of the finished product - I'll put a thread up when ready.
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