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  1. Did the pictures get taken down? I looked at them a couple days ago but yesterday and today I get a 404 error in my still-open tab
  2. Trent Ainsworth requesting Sandtrooper access TD-11217 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17212
  3. I very often set the end of the barrel on the ground when I'm standing around. I've never tried to truly use the sling - I'm afraid it will put too much force on the front sight or the gas release under the barrel and break them off. When walking around, I either 1) cradle it as seen in the Garindan scene, 2) carry it at ready with hand on grip and other on the barrel, or 3) hold the stock in one hand with the barrel pointing up resting on my shoulder.
  4. great, thanks for the quick feedback. Now I just need to pay off some bills and sneak in a pack order
  5. haven't ordered the pack yet - gotta pay off vacation first so it might be a while
  6. Hello all, I've gotten approved for 501st (TD-11217), so now I want to make sure I get your input on my current armor status. I figure if I can get my armor 100% ready before I get my pack, it will make Police Deployment a breeze. Please provide whatever input necessary, and I'll even take any comments related to possible future SWAT (Stop That Ship) status. Thanks! Trent / TD-11217
  7. i would love to see an answer to this myself. I used 3/8 rubber tubing and I have the exact same issue - it's still tacky. It's still tacky MONTHS later. After my first troop to Phoenix ComicCon, I had to do quite a few touch-ups on the ribbing because primer and paint pulled off on a lot of it, but the rest of my T-21 was solid. What is the most effective way to bond the primer/paint to the rubber tubing? Trent
  8. Could someone please supply suggestions and/or links as to where to get D-rings for the sling? I guess at some point I should upload some photos... I've been very slowly working on this over the past few months as work allowed... pretty happy so far!
  9. @Big Dane: ahhh you're right, your pic is nice and clear, I just couldn't make it out as I stared at that scene. Thanks! @Dirty Boy & SCORCH: great idea, thanks!
  10. Per suggestion from the 501st, I’ve copied this question here to the MEPD forums. I've started a T-21 build with long-term aspirations of getting my first suit, a TD. But the T-21 is easier to do short term and doesn't require as many funds For those interested, my album is here. I have 2 questions: 1) Looking at Lewis gun reference pictures, I know there were versions both with and without the "cleaning kit" tube in the butt stock. Is there a generally accepted opinion on whether or not this was present in ANH? I've tried staring at screen caps and paused video but I can't make it out and haven't seen any photoshopped pics definitely showing if it's present or not. I did check the CRL and it's not called out as being required for any level of certification. 2) Can anyone provide a (preferably US) link to where they purchased their barrel ribs? I know a lot of people have used corrugated drain pipe and I saw a suggestion of using D-form weather stripping. I had tried purchasing some corrugated pipe from one big-box supply store and it didn't look quite right so I returned it. I'd welcome any suggestions
  11. Which of those is the closest to the one in ANH? I'm most interested in the butt stock specifically. I'm just starting a T-21 build so I'm curious if there are strong opinions about the ... I dunno what it's called... the oil/cleaning/storage compartment in the butt stock. I know there are no references to it on 501st , but does MEPD have an opinion?
  12. I've been a life-long Star Wars fan - being born in 1971 facilitated that with movies, toys, SE movies, more toys, video games, Lego, prequils, and now costuming. I'm in Chandler, AZ so I think it only makes sense that my first suit is a TD, plus I personally think the TK is just so plain - dirt give you some character! Looking forward to the sagely advice here
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