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  1. TrooperVic


    Posting for one of our members in San Diego. Please spread the word. Those who have facebook, please consider spreading the word there. Here's a link to the Imperial Sands Garrison post. https://www.facebook.com/ImperialSandsGarrison/posts/1697181730321677 Stolen armor is on the far left. ---------------------------- STOLEN ARMOR ALERT! Keep your eyes out for a set of sandtrooper armor stolen from TD-11659 on Tuesday in Clairemont! Here is the full list of stolen gear: Full Sandtrooper kit (minus helmet) including the orange pauldron, 2 MP40 pouches, E-11 blaster, battery charger/batteries, some Dewback Ridge Garrison coins, boots, E-11 blaster holster for TK kit, ID/name tag, neck seal, gloves, nylon belt and the travel bin which had a Dewback Ridge Garrison sticker on it.
  2. TrooperVic

    New server platform...new problems

    Rick, let me know if I can be of any assistance.
  3. TrooperVic

    Sandy POP Vinyl?

    Is this the first Sandie made? Anyone seen these out in the wild? http://vinylmationworld.com/VMworldmob/wordpress/new-walmart-exclusive-star-wars-dewback-and-sandtrooper-pop-vinyl-set-released
  4. TrooperVic


    Likewise brother!
  5. TrooperVic


    Perfect place to meet those of us who are going.
  6. TrooperVic

    A soldier has fallen

    RIP brother.
  7. This is what I did with mine. Took some spare sintra plastic, and made some ammo boxes. They look great when it's closed.
  8. TrooperVic

    Merry Christmas 2014

    Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe out there.
  9. TrooperVic

    Need to be pulled into one side of the fence.

    Make sure you let him know that you want a TD so that he sends you the right ab and knee plate
  10. TrooperVic

    Courtesy check on armor

    Looks good Billy! Look forward to trooping with ya!
  11. TrooperVic

    Where to get Fuller's Earth ASAP?

    I second Trooperbay!
  12. TrooperVic

    Inside Bucket Paint

    No problem Not that I'm aware of. I guess it depends on the maker...I have ATA. If there is, I think the weathering helps mask that.
  13. TrooperVic

    Inside Bucket Paint

    I lightly sanded the inside before coating it with the Plastidip spray. They do also sell other options where you can dip stuff into. I'll try to remember and take a picture of my bucket and post it when I get home from work
  14. TrooperVic

    Inside Bucket Paint

    I used PlastiDip inside my bucket. And I did it for a few reasons: It looks pretty badass. Keep people from peeking in
  15. TrooperVic

    SWW 2014 Week 1 photos

    Congrats brothers, looking great out there! Look forward to trooping with this amount of troopers (or more) for Celebration!