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  1. DunesSnake

    Census 2014 [For 501st Memebers Only]

    Done mine thanks mate
  2. Fellow Imps if you have multiple costumes and you wan to show case them all together you can use this in face book to make a nice cover https://www.facebook.com/makemycovr I just done mine and its easy to do and looks good
  3. DunesSnake

    The whereabouts of the XO...

    May the Force be with you. Juan
  4. DunesSnake

    Which for an Outpost Logo?

    I like Yavin 4 as it its filmed using palenque or tical cant remember which one
  5. DunesSnake

    *DONE*TD-33961 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks brothers now lets find this droids !!!
  6. DunesSnake

    Is TE2 the way to go?

    I love My RS but to be honest one day I will buy a TM and build that one .. just to see which one i like the best. I heard in the past it dosen't matter which one you have as long as you make it fit right and look the part but i could be wrong
  7. DunesSnake

    For all you MGS fans out there

    guy looks to young to be bigboss and needs to put on some muscle weight but great gear and repro of the kit
  8. DunesSnake

    Changes To ALL Requirements

    right so where are the doughnuts ?
  9. DunesSnake

    *DONE*TD-33961 Requesting Deployment

    Thank you guys !!!
  10. DunesSnake

    *DONE*TD-33961 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks guys Counter is there but i dont know if the move along has a counter so i removed it
  11. DunesSnake

    *DONE*TD-33961 Requesting Deployment

    ok added the missing images hope this is ok guys and thank you
  12. DunesSnake

    *DONE*TD-33961 Requesting Deployment

    I need to see close up pics to note details: 1.) side rivets 2.) bucket on / bucket off 3.) green lenses 4.) front of backpack, different angles of pack as well 5.) upper right AB male end detail 6.) neck seal. Thank you Guys
  13. Name : Alan Molina ID TD-33961 Garrison : UKG Build WIP : http://forum.mepd.ne...opic=11794&st=0
  14. DunesSnake

    Planing on getting Dirty

    Dear Alan Molina, Your clearance submission for the costume of 'Sandtrooper' has been reviewed by the GML. Congratulations! Your costume has been cleared for trooping. We are pleased to welcome your Sandtrooper into the ranks of the UK Garrison. Your UKG forum permissions will be updated shortly, as necessary. The GML made the following comment about your submission: Good afternoon Alan, Thank you for your clearance pictures and you WIP. Great work on this and all good to clear Regards Mark Farebrother UKG GML Regards, The GML.
  15. DunesSnake

    Planing on getting Dirty

    ok hopefully I am ready to enter the sand pi... What you guys say ?