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  1. Roger that! I will thanks!
  2. I have a vacuformed T21. It's not bad at a distance but the details are a bit soft. It never came with the sight or the bracket and I was hoping someone knew where I might procure a resin one to add a bit of detail. This is what I have: This is what I need: Any guidance would be appreciated!
  3. Quick Question about the radar dish

    Is that a real Tupperware lid with the rubber backing from the above post?
  4. Quick Question about the radar dish

    Thanks, great idea! I'll look into if my Home Depot or Lowe's has something similar if not the same item!
  5. Quick Question about the radar dish

    Roger that! Worst case, I'll have to order a finished one I saw on eBay from the UK. I think I'll check with Mike from Trooperbay too to see what he suggests. Thanks guys!
  6. Quick Question about the radar dish

    Looks like a little over 5"
  7. Quick Question about the radar dish

    No luck with the cd
  8. Quick Question about the radar dish

    Any suggestions on what to use?
  9. Hi guys! I have a pack being built by DirtyBoy currently and since I already had the mortar tube built he's leaving that part off. To complete the tube I needed to attach the radar dish so I picked up a vacuuformed version through Trooperbay. The question I have is after trimming the pieces it looks like the smooth back part fits inside the ribbed outer part. All of the reference pics I've looked at show the ribbed dish on top of a slightly larger black plate. What should I do to make it more accurate? Should I still put it together then attach it to a disk of some kind, or do I just put it together as is and attach it to the tube?