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    Star Wars funnily enough, for pretty much all my life, playing guitar in bands, Rock music, football
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    Near Fareham, Hampshire, UK

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  1. My newly weathered T-21 :-)

    Cheers James. Yes, I'm so happy with it mate. Awesome work all round on it :-)
  2. Hey guys. I bought one of Blaster 8266's awesome T-21's last year, and Britannia Patrol's very own Sir Dave has just finished an amazing weathering job on it for me. Sadly he says it may be his last job. I hope not, Dave Harris is one seriously talented man :-) Here are few photos of the newly weathered weapon back with me on my workbench. I'm almost too scared to troop it now, it looks so good, ha ha :-)
  3. Another DLT-19 Build (Finished!)

    Amazing work bro. Seriously impressive :-)
  4. Raw Umber weathering of my RS Sandie (photo heavy)

    Thanks bro :-)
  5. E11.....

    Looking great Jay, as with all the the bits I've seen on your build so far mate. You're going to make an awesome Sandie :-)
  6. Another DLT-19 Build (Finished!)

    Looking awesome bro. Great work. I need to make one of these my next build :-)
  7. Airsoft Sterling on the way

    Wow, this looks very tasty indeed :-)
  8. Happy birthday Joe Versku!

    Happy Birthday to my Brittania Patrol brother Joe. Have a great 40th mate. Only 10 years till your 50!! :-)
  9. *DONE*TD-21777 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations mate. Great job :-)
  10. *DONE*TD-21777 Requesting Deployment

    Great trooping with you at MEM last weekend along with the other members of Brittania Patrol Ian. Try and get some more photos up as soon as you can buddy and I'm sure good feedback will start coming in for you :-)
  11. *DONE*TD-88980 Requesting Deployment

    Looking good Tim. And I second that Mike - an epic moustache indeed :-)
  12. Get ready to get happy!

    Love this , thanks for sharing :-)
  13. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome aboard Leo, great to have you here :-)
  14. Let's hear it for Inglorious trooper!

    Have a great birthday buddy :-)
  15. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to the brotherhood Aron. Love your enthusiasm, you're gonna fit it in just right here buddy :-) I agree , it's great when you can sit down with your kids and watch Star Wars with them, and you see the same look in their eyes watching it as you felt as a kid. My eldest daugher, 9, has been hooked on Star Wars for years. My youngest daughter who is just 18 months has been making Darth Vader breathing noises the past few months whenever she sees him on TV, at troops or pictures, ha ha . My wife loves me for that, lol!! And welcome back to you Justin. Glad to see you returned buddy :-) Craig