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  1. Looking good mate. Throw some more weathering on it bro...looking a bit white (but might be the photos). I love TD's really really dirty! Especially the boots!
  2. Toying with a shadow trooper - not sure where to start with the black armour tho'!
  3. Hi Phew..a busy few weeks - shift work plus 3 troops in a row over three successive weekends. Just thought I would post a few little pics up from Nottingham Theatre Royal (John Williams tribute night), and Glastonblaby in Leicester, a charity music event for the Harley Staples Trust. Both very hot gigs, but great fun and loads of interaction with some lovely people. A month or so off now as I am starting with a new employer and have a few minor repairs to make to the armour. Cheers Lee "Dact" TD11855
  4. Late to this thread so sorry been manic in life as normal.... loved being part of this.
  5. Got my deployment pic sent to me now. Thanks!
  6. Jealous is not the word! I would love to be there with you all. Please take loads of pics!
  7. A Sandtrooper themed album - what a concept, bro! Might have to hook up with you and see if you can do some music for my forthcoming MEPD shorts like my recent Mos Eisley TV advert. Have you heard the album Drokk, the Judge Dredd/Mega City One themed instrumental record by Geoff Barrow. Now that's an inspirational record for your project Pashnak..... good luck mate.
  8. Great stuff. Nice to see a white pauldron! Looking good Sarge!
  9. newly weathered e11 to complete the 'look'.Big thanks to Armourer Sir Dave! Cheers for all the messages
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