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  1. Looks like mine is there. Good. But what about this status below the avatar showing - also other deployed PO's I guess - as not deployed? Forum - Software?
  2. Great to see You have arrived to this! Good luck mate!
  3. Just wondering..

  4. Wondering about duty and respect

  5. As some already said: personal taste that counts if You want to have it individual and not specific pattern/colorstyle (SWAT) I like the patterns very much. I only miss different colors. For me it looks too mono. But thats a kind of own taste. If You want to lighten / soften it, I'd do with some more kaki looking stuff only partly (mostly on legs, on torso fewer).
  6. ah, okay : - ) Thank You!
  7. Hi Luis, Sorry, I havent received anything and don't understand the posting what it is about . Trading card artwork ?
  8. Hi Damon, I'm also scale modeller (1/72) and did my weathering with the colors I so far was used to (TAMYA & Color thinner) and it worked well though meanwhile I have changed the style a bit and took lot of color off as I found it too dirty. Have little album with text here: https://www.facebook.com/tk.tenthreesixteen/media_set?set=a.312465652243055.1073741853.100004388678307&type=3 Greetings, MIchael
  9. Hi Lorenzo, the Helmet is already a very good choice. If I would I would Chose RS for helmet again. It's good to check the links You got. I have a full TM 1.5mm ABS.
  10. Had an appearance at pre-premiere in Zurich. Quite a hand full trooping for our small group of small country. About the movie I've been long and still way undecided if I like it or not. Some parts are really cool (desert, wrecks) and overall the movie is very well done but there are a lot of deja-vu's that I find waste . But I dont want to hurt anyone's heart :-)
  11. Same from here, Brothers! Enjoy.
  12. Sorry to read that. But all the best for Your future, Smally. Cheers!
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