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  1. Gladius

    SWAT and PO Pages

    Looks like mine is there. Good. But what about this status below the avatar showing - also other deployed PO's I guess - as not deployed? Forum - Software?
  2. Gladius

    TD-9714 Requesting Deployment

    Great to see You have arrived to this! Good luck mate!
  3. Just wondering..

  4. Wondering about duty and respect

  5. Gladius

    Too much weathering?

    As some already said: personal taste that counts if You want to have it individual and not specific pattern/colorstyle (SWAT) I like the patterns very much. I only miss different colors. For me it looks too mono. But thats a kind of own taste. If You want to lighten / soften it, I'd do with some more kaki looking stuff only partly (mostly on legs, on torso fewer).
  6. Gladius

    Pending Artwork

    ah, okay : - ) Thank You!
  7. Gladius

    Pending Artwork

    Hi Luis, Sorry, I havent received anything and don't understand the posting what it is about . Trading card artwork ?
  8. Gladius

    Acrylic weathering help

    Hi Damon, I'm also scale modeller (1/72) and did my weathering with the colors I so far was used to (TAMYA & Color thinner) and it worked well though meanwhile I have changed the style a bit and took lot of color off as I found it too dirty. Have little album with text here: https://www.facebook.com/tk.tenthreesixteen/media_set?set=a.312465652243055.1073741853.100004388678307&type=3 Greetings, MIchael
  9. Hi Lorenzo, the Helmet is already a very good choice. If I would I would Chose RS for helmet again. It's good to check the links You got. I have a full TM 1.5mm ABS.
  10. Gladius

    FELICE! Our New Deployment Officer

    All the best & good luck Felix!
  11. Gladius

    Happy "TFA"

    Had an appearance at pre-premiere in Zurich. Quite a hand full trooping for our small group of small country. About the movie I've been long and still way undecided if I like it or not. Some parts are really cool (desert, wrecks) and overall the movie is very well done but there are a lot of deja-vu's that I find waste . But I dont want to hurt anyone's heart :-)
  12. Gladius

    Merry Christmas 2015

    Same from here, Brothers! Enjoy.
  13. Gladius

    Smally retiring as DO.

    Sorry to read that. But all the best for Your future, Smally. Cheers!