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  1. I hear ya. The artwork is being worked on atm. I would love to get the 20th anni items out asap for sure. Hopefully we have an update very soon.
  2. This is where I got my pouches. I got them back in early 2013. http://www.militarytour.com/
  3. Requesting Sandtrooper access Anthony Paladino TD-10666 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15285&costumeID=2
  4. TD-10666 has been approved! Waiting on my pack to get finished by Quartermaster and then will apply for MEPD deployment (: Would love to go SWAT after my deployment. Depending on what trooper I choose.. It will take a good amount of altering of my weathering etc.... so it might not happen soon...but it will be on my radar
  5. I would like to go for SWAT as a sergeant alley check V2 eventually I need references for the weathering. What I'm doing appears to be similar to the desert sergeant I believe. I know I will have to make adjustments/changes on stuff once I apply for SWAT....but can someone provide or point me in the right direction for visual references for a sergeant alley check V2 thanks
  6. ok. clear lacquer sounds like the way to go....so that's what I'll do. Thank you guys!
  7. I wasn't sure yet. I used hair spray (aqua net) on my incinerator armor and seems to have sealed it pretty good...
  8. More parts with weathering completed....
  9. I got them off an on-line military surplus store last year. I looked them up a few months ago and they weren't available there anymore....when I get on my pc later...I will find the link and post anyway
  10. Final wipe down.....just a few parts shown...the thighs,shins,back,kidney,butt,chest, and ab are done as of now...hope will get to belt, shoulder bells and arm pieces tomorrow
  11. Second coat......oily look added...before wipe down
  12. Dirty time! First pass of brown.....before wiping
  13. Test fitting....need to make slight adjustment up by the bicep/shoulder bell area. Need to paint my side rivets white.....acrylic paints are on their way to me ..so the it's going to be time to get dirty real soon...
  14. Finally ...got to work on some more.
  15. A lil progress today...nothing crazy
  16. Thank Al! That would be Eddie! It's from a number of the beast figure set from Asylum.... I'm a big Maiden fan brother!
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