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  1. Hey REEEEEDDDDDD....Wellcome bro....!!!
  2. Thomas, could you take a side photo of the Tabby Type F but with a ruler for measurement reference please?
  3. I have the Woodman seedtrays and they are great..!!!
  4. Congrats Edgar....good job brings great results. @bigwam could you please give Edgar @Deadline2019 access a a Sandtrooper to the forum please? He is now part of the Jundland Wastes Wolves patrol. His ID is TD 19122 Thanks
  5. Hello Urs, I can´t see the pics, are they still available? I´m very interested. Thanks!
  6. Yeah....congrats brothers....!!!!
  7. 84.- EXPO COLECCIONISTAS (NOV-30-2019) - Mexico City
  8. 83.- RADIO INTERVIEW "CORAZÓN ILUSTRADO" (NOV-27-2019) - Mexico City
  9. Did you order something to eat brother? I could take it with you..!!
  10. 82.- EGS LIVE - FRIKIPLAZA (OCT-26-2019) - WTC Mexico City
  11. 81.- YepaFest! (OCT-26-2019) - Colegio México, Mexico City
  12. 80.- Accompanying families (OCT-12-2019) - Mexico City´s Airport The Dar Foundation invites us to accompany 4 families who have gone through difficult times of health and ask us for support to line them up as they enter to take their flight.
  13. It was fun...and yes...great props the made at the Con @DarthStevius
  14. Done....everything´s OK...!!!
  15. 78.- The ForceCon (SEP-27-2019) - Day 3 Expo Reforma Mexico City
  16. 77.- The ForceCon (SEP-26-2019) - Day 2 Expo Reforma Mexico City
  17. 76.- The ForceCon (SEP-25-2019) - Day 1 Expo Reforma Mexico City
  18. 75.- Acustic TV Program. (AUG-27-2019) - TV Promotion for Force Con, Mexico City
  19. Wow, very interested....do you have a video of the board playing?
  20. 74.- Ánuá Suchí A. C. Foundation. (AUG-25-2019) - Campaign closing event to encourage reading in children. Puebla City
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