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  1. Well, here goes! I have been working on my little guys TD armor that I purchased from Walt. I have been taking photos along the way while I have been building and just now put them into photo bucket. I apologize I have so many at once. I have been trying to build this as accurate as I possibly can with what is available. I can't use traditional strapping as I want to build it so he can be in it for a few seasons. This is for all the dads and little dudes out there that want to be on the bad side! Lots of little parts showed up at our house and I had a very excited little man. Mini hand guards and the smallest back plate I have ever seen. I ordered next this little move along pack from Dirty Boy-Thanks brother! Eyes, Teeth and rivets in the bucket ready for ear trimming and fitting. I installed the lens next. Hand painting the tears, vocoder and traps next. Next I installed the Hovi Mic tips and prepared the screen. And finally completed! Noah walks around with it on all the time now asking when the rest will be done. His bucket just joined our family at the table. I did the biceps and shoulder bells next. Forearms next. I trimmed them to fit and butt joined and used cover strips on every part. Thighs and Greaves next on the list. Cover strips on the back of the greaves closing to the inside per new CRL TD sniper plate had to be built up a bit to sit flush. Drying pieces and parts. Time for some fitting of the chest, back, abb,butt and kidney plates Split rivet detail on the cod piece. Trimming the butt and kidney plates. Six split rivet detail on abb and kidney plates. Installing the button plate Belt next. I have the corners cut, belt sized and button covers in the accurate postion.
  2. Oh no!!! Now I am going to have to buy the next size from you next year! Awesome work brother. I am getting close to completing the set I got from you. My son is so excited.
  3. Sorry fellas on the late response on the little pauldron and T-21. I bought them from Quartermaster on whitearmor. He had them from his son and I am not sure who made the little T-21 but it is pretty awesome. The pauldron is one of Panda Troopers and I purchased a mini move along from Dirty Boy that is just amazing. I have contacted Pandatrooper about matching spanish pouches in miniature. I will post a bunch of photos very soon on all the progress on it. This is the third set of armor I have built and I made it to police officer standards. I know he is only five but what the heck. If I am doing it, do it up! Here is a quick photo of me sizing little man up for the thighs.
  4. I am making progress on the micro TD. My computer is down so i will load all of my build pics at once when it is fixed. Here is the progress with lots of little TD parts but joined with cover strips glued and ready to strap up!
  5. Bravo!!!! Wow my friend, you went the extra mile. It looks much better for sure.
  6. Whooooop Whooooop! Thanks so much fellas. I am proud and honored to be apart this group. Now time to make some changes and aim for swat!!! Help please!
  7. The link doesn't work Gordon. Could you help me? Thanks a bunch man!
  8. Family first brother. Take all the time you need.
  9. Tim Landwehr TD 88980 requesting sand trooper status http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15209&costumeID=2
  10. I was wondering if I needed to do something to get access to the site other than signing up. I received my 501st TD info. Thanks for the help Cheers, Tim Edit. Sorry I found the thread and posted the information. I am a bone head
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