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  1. YVH

    Nice to meet you TD-6022 YVH.
    Nice to meet you! It belongs to 501stJG.

  2. Looking good Lee, I'm sure you will be deployed in no time.
  3. boydey

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting Sandtrooper access. David Boyd TD6537 BOYDEY http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14640 Thank you.
  4. Wahoooo!! Cheers Brad. My call sign will be BOYDEY.
  5. I did keep the weathering fairly light on the pack, although the lighting does make it look existent. I'll dirty it up a bit more.
  6. Here you go Gordonator
  7. Name: David Boyd 501st ID: 6537 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14640 MEPD Forum name: BOYDEY Garrison: UK Garrison Thanks David
  8. boydey

    Boydey's TD WIP

    A few more photos of the progress I've made. I think im pretty much there with the weathering?? Still got to make a few adjustments to the strapping and need get the thighs sitting at the same height.
  9. boydey

    Boydey's TD WIP

    This is a copy of my WIP thats over on the UKG. Thought I would put it up on here too so I can get some feedback from you guys as well.......... I've been plodding along with this for a while now, slowly collecting everything together. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere so I thought I'd better start a WIP, so here goes. I started off with the helmet, it was built up when I got it and had some yellowing due to being out on display. Its had a coat of white paint and i've hand painted all the decals except for the tube strips. Next I started on an MG 15 build as I couldn't find anyone that sold them. [/url[/url I have Mr Harris to thank for the fantastic paint job. Next up I made a start on my pack. I chose the "Move Along" pack. I decided to have a crack at some vac forming so I could make my own 'seed trays'. After that came the pauldron, pouches and boots. And finally the armour.......... [url=http://s1264.photobucket.com/user/boydey77/media/td%20wip/IMG_1839.jpg.html][url=http://s1264.photobucket.com/user/boydey77/media/td%20wip/IMG_1845.jpg.html][/url[url=http://s1264.photobucket.com/user/boydey77/media/td%20wip/IMG_1838.jpg.html] So thats where i'm up to now. I've left finishing off some of the return edges until I've had a chance to suit up.
  10. boydey

    Pack #2 question

    Started to put my Pack #2 together at the weekend. I'm really struggling to find any detailed pictures of it, so i've used some artistic licence. I would really appreciate any feed back.
  11. boydey

    Pack #2 question

    Cheers Brad.
  12. boydey

    Pack #2 question

    Hello I've decided to build another pack ( #2) , while I wait for my armour to arrive. This is pretty much the only decent pic I've found so far. From the picture it looks like the bottom trays only have 3 ribs, does anyone know if this is the case?
  13. boydey

    My #3 Pack build

    Got a bit more done today, added the straps and the mortar tube.