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  1. Bulldog44


    Try reaching them on their Facebook page. I just noticed they posted about T-21s they might start making.
  2. Bulldog44

    E-11 stands

    Love that stand. Very cool.
  3. Pack looks great, love the photos. I hope to follow in your footsteps and get some R1 armor to go with my pack. Cheers for posting and for all the information you have shared here and on the FISD.
  4. Bulldog44

    Hockey jersey interest thread access

    still feeling unhappy.
  5. Bulldog44

    Hockey jersey interest thread access

    That truly sucks. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Just wondering what happens to the hockey jersey interest thread. I was able to view and post there a few days ago but now says I am blocked, no permission . Any reason why this thread has gone dark? Or blocked me? Only for TDs strictly? Just want to know why I can’t access it anymore.
  7. So cool. I want to assemble one of these for my daughters' Jawa costumes/props.
  8. Bulldog44

    Original Shires Syphon EBay

  9. Bulldog44

    Original Shires Syphon EBay

    Saw this on Facebook. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shires-Up100-Up-100-Cistern-Siphon-Syphon-Unused-Original-1970s-1980s-LAST-ONE/122813438892?hash=item1c98405bac:g:fuAAAOSw8b1aDsGN someone is auctioning off an original shires syphon, unused. hope this helps someone who is trying get one.
  10. Bulldog44

    My move a long replica suit

    Fantastic work!
  11. Bulldog44

    Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    Yes, should be pinned for future reference. Great work. If you ever get a chance please PM me about the exhaust port I was inquiring about.
  12. Bulldog44

    Lion Star Canteen to Bee Stinger Tutorial

    Looks great. Nice work on this.
  13. Bulldog44

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Stunning work!
  14. Bulldog44

    Bulldog Props Scope Kit Project

    Just thought to post this and hear thoughts on why this black stuff was used or maybe it is just dirt build up. Seems to me like a sealant or screw lock to prevent tampering. For finishing the scope kit, this may be one way to detail the scope but I want to make sure this actually the case with other original scopes. Any thoughts?
  15. Bulldog44

    Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    I love how accurate looking your exhaust port looks and was wondering how you made it or if it is a found part. Looks the best I have seen yet. Do you make these for sale? If possible could you provide some measurements or materials used to make it. 3D printed? I tried sending you a PM but it said you cannot receive messages. Hope to hear back about the exhaust port when you get a chance. Thanks.