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  1. Awesome radio find! The condition is great.
  2. Congratulations Tim and the team!
  3. Thanks. Give me a forum kick in the rear if you see me not getting anything done.
  4. Good grief! Its been more than half a year since I worked on my armor. Hoping to get this done in 2020. I will be making some progress soon with sanding down the trim edges and then move to some strapping. Backpack parts are pretty much all in hand except I want to get another nice Sonix radio kit from Tony when I get the funds. I now have real sterling parts and molds to make a basic E-11 blaster and then hoping to make some custom parts to make a Bapty version.
  5. Upper armor trimmed parts- Anovos helmet in background. Forearms- Both forearms nearly finished. Just need to trim cover strips and remove return edges near wrists and some bits near the inner top ends. Biceps- Both biceps near completion, need to trim off return edges and cover strips. Left Thigh- Not happy with this seam and alignment of the 2 halves. Attempt 2 in progress, pictured below. I wasn't happy with the alignment and visible seam at the bottom of the left thigh and top edge. Removed cover strip and re-gluing it. No magnets left unused! Looks a mess but hope it help it all in place this time. Update: Attempt #2 failed. The cover strip shifted off center so I have started over again. This time I am going back to gluing one half at a time. Results to come soon.
  6. Bulldog44 finally reporting in to start my TD build! After many years of procrastinating I am officially starting a build thread for my first TD. Bought one of the first round Anovos kits for $350 but it sat in a box. Recently I trimmed the parts down and started to assemble a few bits. Here is my intended order for this build: 1. trimming -done 2. biceps and forearms - in progress 3. thighs and shins/calves - in progress 4. shoulders - 5. belt - 6. chest and ab plate (adding hardware/ 3 button plate) - 7. strapping - 8. knee ammo pack & diamond sniper knee plate 9. helmet - 10. calves (strapping) 11. weathering 12. backpack - ????? Hope to have more photos of my progress up soon. Please feel free to make suggestions or things I need to correct if I make a mistake. Let the build begin!
  7. Try reaching them on their Facebook page. I just noticed they posted about T-21s they might start making.
  8. Pack looks great, love the photos. I hope to follow in your footsteps and get some R1 armor to go with my pack. Cheers for posting and for all the information you have shared here and on the FISD.
  9. That truly sucks. Thanks for letting me know.
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