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  1. So cool. I want to assemble one of these for my daughters' Jawa costumes/props.
  2. Original Shires Syphon EBay

  3. Original Shires Syphon EBay

    Saw this on Facebook. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shires-Up100-Up-100-Cistern-Siphon-Syphon-Unused-Original-1970s-1980s-LAST-ONE/122813438892?hash=item1c98405bac:g:fuAAAOSw8b1aDsGN someone is auctioning off an original shires syphon, unused. hope this helps someone who is trying get one.
  4. My move a long replica suit

    Fantastic work!
  5. Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    Yes, should be pinned for future reference. Great work. If you ever get a chance please PM me about the exhaust port I was inquiring about.
  6. Lion Star Canteen to Bee Stinger Tutorial

    Looks great. Nice work on this.
  7. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Stunning work!
  8. Bulldog Props Scope Kit Project

    Just thought to post this and hear thoughts on why this black stuff was used or maybe it is just dirt build up. Seems to me like a sealant or screw lock to prevent tampering. For finishing the scope kit, this may be one way to detail the scope but I want to make sure this actually the case with other original scopes. Any thoughts?
  9. Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    I love how accurate looking your exhaust port looks and was wondering how you made it or if it is a found part. Looks the best I have seen yet. Do you make these for sale? If possible could you provide some measurements or materials used to make it. 3D printed? I tried sending you a PM but it said you cannot receive messages. Hope to hear back about the exhaust port when you get a chance. Thanks.
  10. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    No luck with my searches. If you see any around on ebay again, let me know. Thanks.
  11. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Thanks. I spent a lot on shipping for the boxes I got but now seeing your set up I think I will need the other lid to get that look. Where can I get those seed trays? looked on ebay but nothing. Great find.
  12. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Is it possible to buy just the lids somewhere? I have a container but need to get the same blue style lid you have. Looks like a good latch to the original pack setup for this! Thanks for posting.
  13. Bulldog Props Scope Kit Project

    Update - May 18th. Final bag of screws just arrived yesterday to complete the kit. Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest hurdle. Nothing special, just M2 x 8mm black oxide screws to mount the prism cell. Not accurate to the originals but a good substitute I can afford. The original screws had slotted fillister heads and a spring washer. I have opted not to add a washer to reduce cost and wait time for supplies to arrive. Ebay suppliers in China have not been reliable. 3 orders of screws never arrived so I finally found the same stuff here in Japan but at twice the price. At least it arrived in 2 days from ordering. I tried hard to find screws that come as close as possible to the originals but there is no perfect match so I do apologize if that part of the kit does not make the grade. I have 3 types of the 3 slotted screws for the M38 but not sure which I will include. The ones I am leaning towards are a dull gray finish but they are closer to the correct head thickness of the original screws. They can be buffed to a shinier finish I think. The first round of kits I sold last year had a shiny nickel finish but they were not exact in detail either. Oh well. Hoping to have an official sales thread/link up this weekend with kits packaged and ready to go. Those who have already signed up on the interest form will be given priority to buy a kit. Photos and details outlining the kit to be posted soon. Thanks again for your patience!

    Thanks for the reply and explanation. I see your point. Getting my hyperfirm to Japan was a bit of a headache so I alway hoped the DLT could be easier to transport and assemble. But as you mentioned, Structure, durability and quality...and cost speak volumes. I trust your knowledge and word on this. Now I must start saving cash for one of these babies or sell one of my kidneys! Cheers!

    I know you may have covered this somewhat in the explanation above but wondering if the this blaster could be done so that you can break it down for transport. I know this reduces sturdiness but wondering if there could be some connection system like how the Doopy DLT comes apart. Is it possible or has it been tried before?