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  1. Re-painted and partially weathered with chipping and scratches. I went a little easier on the chipping this time around and happier than my first attempt. Not perfect but better than before. I got tired of sanding down the first paint job so the second attempt looks rather thick in some areas. Holding off to weather with dirt until I get my Sandy weathered. I want to match the weathering better. Still searching for a nice 38mm clear/tinted lens for the front to cover the old web cam camera I installed. (The web camera is non functional, just parts) The top side lens metal part was from an old cologne bottle top. I also used the smaller lens retainer rings from my scope kits to lock the lens in place. The red On/Off button functions to switch on the lens lighting. The gray rod on the left side among the white protruding rods is a functional push switch for the lights on this rear faceplate. The black central screw on the bottom is a fictional push switch for the sound effects. This still needs more fine tuning as it doesn’t always work. Link to see the lights in action: https://imgur.com/l7155bNhttps://imgur.com/l7155bN Last thing I need to do besides dirt weathering is add the leather strap. Already sourced 15mm wide strapping and will add it soon. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks. I have since repainted over the chipped off parts and will tone that back a bit. Interested to see your binoculars especially how you weathered them.
  3. Daniel, thanks for your feedback. I see what you are saying. There is certainly the feeling of the weathering not being in the right spots. I have done some additional weathering since my post instead of sanding it all back. So once I get a bit further i will post up and please let me know what you think if you have time. Sanding it all back down would be a bummer so not really hoping to do that. But if my additional weathering work doesn’t pay off, I will have no choice, Thanks again for stopping by,
  4. Thanks for your feedback. The chipping looks okay, not bad but I guess I am not liking the amount I added. Perhaps a bit less would look better. I might go back and sand a few spots level and airbrush to get it uniform. I like your idea about the scuffs. I will try that once I get the white where I like it. Going to try to use some sand paper scuffs too to get some variety.
  5. Thanks. Agreed, I tried to add the chipping in places of likely contact or if it was scraped on a surface. It I see what you mean . It’s a bit too random. I based the weathering off of these photos. But now in hindsight this is probably the prop after many years of degrading paint.
  6. Bought this raw cast from Doopydoos 5 or 6 years back and finally got around to working on it. Its been sleeping on the shelf way to long. Planning to add lights and sounds once I get the pint job finished. Here is my progress so far. It came fullly assembled/glued together so I cut off the viewfinder end at the seam. Black primer coat Painted another coat with grey and then some metallic dark iron paint for the weathering effect. (Sorry I did't document this step) The painted it white using the toothpaste method to help the paint chip off. After removing the toothpaste I am not particularly happy with my first attempt at weathering with the chip off effect so I might sand it down smoothly and repaint it white again. Once I get the chipping areas better balanced and more natural I will apply the dirt weathering. Any thoughts? Advice? Would like to get some feedback so I can make this look better.
  7. Love the weathering job you did on this. How did you get the crackling effect? I tried chip off weathering on mine to replicate the original prop from an online photo but I feel I overdid it and it looks way overdone. I am thinking to sand it back down and repaint.
  8. Awesome radio find! The condition is great.
  9. Congratulations Tim and the team!
  10. Thanks. Give me a forum kick in the rear if you see me not getting anything done.
  11. Good grief! Its been more than half a year since I worked on my armor. Hoping to get this done in 2020. I will be making some progress soon with sanding down the trim edges and then move to some strapping. Backpack parts are pretty much all in hand except I want to get another nice Sonix radio kit from Tony when I get the funds. I now have real sterling parts and molds to make a basic E-11 blaster and then hoping to make some custom parts to make a Bapty version.
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