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  1. Nearly there matey, good luck and see you in the sandpit real soon
  2. Congrats matey, and great job looking forward to seeing you in the sandpit.
  3. Hi Igor, sorry I haven't replied sooner not been around much due to real life (always gets in the way ) Ive never weighed my pack but its not to heavy and pretty comfortable to wear. As for the stuff I used for the ends of the shells im not sure what it is to be honest just something I found at work and thought it would work well. My shoulder pouch is fixed by velcro to the left strap so can be adjusted/removed. Sorry not to be much help on your questions. Keep an eye on this thread though as my pack will be getting updated with new parts to make it more accurate after xmas with a Karrimor frame,seed trays and canteen.
  4. Hi Jay, I really enjoyed making this pack back in 2012 and it still serves me well to this day I used this thread for the frame measurements : http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=5225 As well as many others build threads and lots of research loads of great advice on the boards here. The brand of paint I used was Hycote and its an acrylic spray paint sold here in the UK. Hope that helps and good luck with your build.
  5. Hi Jay, thank you for your comment bro. I got the audio clip from the 501st site, it should also be here on the MEPD but it may only be available to cleared troopers.
  6. Awesome news, congrats matey and well deserved
  7. Hi guys and thanks for the replys, will take advice onboard and work out which way im going to go once new parts arrive
  8. Hi guys im about to upgrade my old FX armour with some new more accurate parts, chest back, thighs and shins. I already have a new lid and have weathered it to match my present armour. My question is when my new parts arrive do I keep the weathering as per the pics below or do I completely re-weather everything and do it lighter? I have always liked the personal choice of weathering but im a little concerned that when I troop with other sandies I sometimes look a lot dirtier so dont want to look out of place. The pics below are recent and taken in December of last year. Any feedback or help would be most welcome. I know when you take pics the light washes away some of the weathering but you can see from the lid and next to my fellow troopers its dirty and looks like ive been on patrol in the desert for months. Thanks in advance guys
  9. Hi Lee and welcome to the MEPD, will look foward to seeing your progress and joining us in the sandpit. Im also a Britannia Patrol member and over on the UKG
  10. I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New year Heres to a great 2015 have an awesome one guys TD6727 out
  11. Thanks for comments guys means alot after all the hard work Heres a link to the full set of pics on my build: http://s899.photobucket.com/user/Dazauto/library/T21%20Blaster%20Build
  12. Hi guys not been around on the forums as much as I should but for the past month and a bit ive been having a go at scratch building a T21. After building my pack from all sorts of found items a while ago I thought it was about time I took another look round my shed at work and cupboards around the house to see what I could come up to build one of these BFG's I used Pandatroopers templates and took inspiration from others builds here on the Mepd as well as some great pics from Anthony Bailey (Blaster 8266) and a build thread one of my Facebook friends Danny from Peru had done. I thank each and every one of you for your help one way or the other and I hope the end result here gets your approval My intention with the build was to spend as little as possible and with the exception of the spray paint (5 cans) and the Lee Enfield straps everything else you see below would have all ended up in a skip (bin). So here you go guys here is my T21, let me know what you think good or bad. I started with these: Used an old cup for the barrel reducer: A quick test fit: Various bits of scrap plastic to get this: Stock and grips sanded and shaped: Cooling fins and receiver parts again scrap plastic: Top part of gun with sight : Used these for the oil cannister in the stock (cut them down quite a bit): Another test fit: Roughly draw and cut out barrel sight: Priming the parts: Stained the grips and stock: Various wiring and tubing for the barrel detailing: An old hinge reshaped and painted for the stock: Some old metal bits for the sling mount: Barrel sight painted: Painted Satin black: Details added: Lee Enfield straps: Took these before straps arrived So there you go guys one T21 completed bar some weathering and all for less then 40GBP and weighs in at at just under 3kgs or just over 6lbs, I hope ive done ok with my first ever scratch built blaster and you guys approve
  13. Hi James, be great to have you in the Patrol, have a look here http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=11190&&page=24 We also have a facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BritanniaPatrol Look foward to seeing you out there
  14. Nice work and congrats mate, look foward to trooping with you with the UKG and Britannia Patrol
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