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    I'm 42 years old, I'm a commercial painter/ Firefighter and my hobbies are anything 80's, Old school BMX/Freestyle bikes and STAR WARS.. All three of my kids love star wars..Ages are 19 , 6 and 2
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  1. I did a troop sat and the pack was digging so bad it was killing my shoulder blades..Any ideas for comfort to ease it a bit....Thanks
  2. Mr.Sandman

    SWW 2014 Week 1 photos

    The Group pic is awesome.
  3. Mr.Sandman

    *DONE*TD-51972 Requesting Deployment

    Sand Devil,, Thanks Bro...I'm loving it and can't wait to do some more troops..
  4. Mr.Sandman

    *DONE*TD-6589 Requesting Deployment

    Looks fantastic...Good Luck.
  5. Mr.Sandman

    Sandtrooper Charity Hike for Children's Hospital L.A.

    Awesome troop guys..
  6. Mr.Sandman

    1st Troop..( MAY THE 4TH)

    Thanks everyone..It is addicting....lol
  7. Mr.Sandman

    1st Troop..( MAY THE 4TH)

    This is my 1st troop as a 501st member and a PROUD MEPD Police officer as well.. This is a Beloit Snappers baseball game.. I had a blast and can't wait til the next one. I'm the sergeant.
  8. Mr.Sandman

    *DONE*TD-51972 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks Trooper it was a fun project.
  9. Mr.Sandman

    Allerg3n's TD Build (WIP)

    Good Luck with the build...It's very rewarding in the end.
  10. Mr.Sandman

    *DONE*TD-51972 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks brother.
  11. Mr.Sandman

    Armorers Of The MEPD

    great topic.