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  1. I did the matte after I had already weathered the armor.
  2. I sprayed my NE (same maker as AM) with a matte clear coat so the weathering would not come off over time.
  3. The paint rubbing off the backpack frame is unavoidable. I sealed my frame with clearcoat and it still happened. Its the friction of the frame rubbing against the armor as you walk or take in on and off. Just call it natural weathering.
  4. Im very intrigued about having no bars across the pack frame. How exactly do you zip tie the packs to the frame? Where are the connection points located on the fram? On the the seed trays?
  5. Ok... a new update. I decided to use another Doopydoos resin kit to make a Bapty style Sandtrooper blaster. Its the third build like this Ive done. (Second one waa with a 3D printed blaster) Each time I learned a new difference between your typical ANH e11 and the ones used for the Tattooine filming... thanks to the frequent Bapty builders on here! Here is the culmination of the build. I prefer a dirty/ rusty look for these. One day I'll repaint my T21 to match.
  6. Great details you pointed out with the weathering!
  7. Trooperbay decals fit Crashmann radios. This is my old one.
  8. Great looking Scout! Love that weathering! My Vader helmet is a Darth Ugly and my armor is Darth Stone. I recently upgraded my capes to KevVader but don't have a pic yet. I was my final Vader upgrade for the foreseeable future.
  9. Thanks! Yes, they are red lenses from Fenix Props.
  10. Those handguards were worn on the "hero" costumes by Luke and Han. I dont believe the sandtroopers were those specific handguards.
  11. Maybe he's just happy to see us. Lol!
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