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  1. Guys can you clarify the different between legs and shins? Back of Shins: 25mm Front of Shins: ? Back of Thighs: 20mm Front of Thighs: ? Back of Arms: 15mm Front of Arms: 15mm I'm assuming legs refers to thighs? If so, what width mm did you use for front of shins for SWAT?
  2. So after speaking with Ingrid and someone else, who both said ATA should fit me, I decided to give it another go. After doing some adjustments (only to cutting flash trim and getting some help on placing pieces) it looks like ATA might just work out after all. I took some more picts tonight and showed Ingrid who agreed it will work. I've done no actual trimming yet other than flash but I think it might just work. Once I get the flash trimmed I'll meet up with Ingrid and have her help me adjust/trim. Once the kit fits well, then I'll being the SWAT adjustments. I've got a new bucket kit from ATA as well (My current ATA lid would work but I prefer to go SWAT from the ground up with this kit) and will be pouring over more SWAT details before building that. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=12147&hl=%2Bswat+%2Bquestions Thanks Michael and everyone for your input, I really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks Michael for the info! Its possible that I could do some adjustments to it, but don't want to frankenstein it. Already have a couple sellers for it should I have to swap to something else, but Ingrid said stop by her place and she wants to take a look first. To me it feels like it would be me trying to fit into kids armor. I can "lengthen" it by cutting the cod and bringing the ab plate up. However I feel thats not the way to go for this endeavor, as I am going to have a gap that while covered up on front by the belt, may not be entirely covered up by the belt on the back because the bottom of the kidney plate and the top of the butt plate are also going to have a gap. Plus, I would have to seriously shim the thighs and if my goal is SWAT, I don't think this is gonna work. I found a post on FISD two years ago by Eric (now DL over there) where he was comparing RT-MOD to AM and actually measured everything. I'm going to get a cloth tape out and measure myself, then go from there. Michael, as the MEPD Deployment Officer here, are saying that RT-MOD is SWAT capable? In your professional opinion as DO, do you believe it would require heavy modding to make it work for SWAT? Or a few tweaks, like you had stated with ATA many months ago? SWAT is not something that happens overnight and I certainly know that. But of course I want to have a set of armor that is a good launching point. Thank you for your advise, I appreciate it greatly!
  4. I asked a garrison friend and XO of FISD Ingrid Moon about this. She said ATA SHOULD fit me, but am gonna go over to her place this week to confirm either way. I have the feeling it's just gonna be too small. She said maybe RT-Mod was the way to go. But is RT-Mod even SWAT capable or do you have the mod the **** out of it?
  5. So, jump to a month later, when I actually had time to open the box and start cutting only the flash off at our patrol armor party today. And well, lets just say, I don't think ATA is gonna fit me. AM is too big and I am not happy with my AM. My ATA bucket is great, but I don't think the armor is for me. Anyone want to buy it? Full kit, if you go on the waiting list now it's 6-8 months... And aside from that, if anyone has some recommendations that would be between AM and ATA that can go SWAT, I'm all ears.
  6. Team, Got my ATA armor today. I already have an existing ATA Lid and that combined with my old (ugh) AM armor, am currently MEPD Deployed. This whole new kit, which includes a new lid kit as well, is going SWAT. I'm not rushing into anything with this armor, and I need and want all of your feedback, esp from the deployment officers! Your feedback, advice and recommendations are VERY important to me. I've read over and printed out PandaTroopers ATA build. Is that still the one to go off of still? Please feel free to post links to what is required to take ATA to SWAT, threads you all recommend I read, etc. I recall Michael saying long ago there were a couple changes that needed to be made in order for ATA to qualify for SWAT. Thanks everyone, and looking forward to joining the elite! Lets start with "Brown Box Day"!
  7. I know the loop on the legion forums isn't allowed to be used or sent to anyone who isn't a member currently and thats due to the authors wish. Our patrol ( https://www.facebook.com/SandStormPatrol?ref=hl ) uses a custom one I made that includes just us members.
  8. Hope you are over it by now.
  9. Indeed a fun troop and sandies were everywhere!
  10. Yeah if you have your amp on your belt this is a great solution! I hate wires so all my stuff is tossed in my chest piece lol.
  11. Before nominations were over I asked Ingrid who she was voting for. She said Eric and I said awesome! So, you've got my vote as well!
  12. Nominations are over and Dirty Boy has been re-elected DL of MEPD! Congrats Rick!!!
  13. Great story! Love my daughter and my wife when she wrangles for me! And appreciate, and make sure I tell them thank you, to anyone who helps me put the plastic on!
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