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    All Things Star Wars !!!! I have been wanting to join the 501st Legion since I first saw it formed but never have had the time to do so. I am 36 a Soldier in the US Army have been for 12 years, I am Married and have 2 boys and 1 girl. Ever since I returned from overseas this past December I have been looking for and getting ready for becoming a Sand Trooper. I look Forward to meeting people into the same topics as I am into and I am glad I found this website.
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    Richmond Hill, GA
  1. I bought one of those 36 " Stormtroopers they have available now I plan on modifying it to be a Sandy and take it around like a ventriloquist doll on troops lol!!!
  2. Yesterday I got my Pouches in the mail they look exactly like the ones listed on the CRL page so I have one question does anyone here leave them green or do they need to be dyed figured I would ask because I know how things change a lot ?
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate it I will be heading in on Thursday and hopefully released on Friday. I hate being cooped up in a hospital bed but I hate not being able to eat either and living off a feeding tube at my age is the worst feeling in the world, 2 years ago I still had a good career in the Army and lots of dreams and ambitions. Now I am medically retired fighting to live and the VA is making things in life worse. But if all goes well I will hopefully be able to eat solid food again not much because my new stomach is the size of a golf ball and can stretch to the size of a soft ball but if it works and I can eat I will take it. I will be doing a troop for Star Wars reads day as a Heavy weapons trooper cause I still have not painted the dirt on yet but thanks for the screw slot idea that did the trick and looks really cool I just need straps and the pouch I ordered still has not arrived but can you recommend a brand of dye to dye them black? If anyone is interested I started a t-shirt line shop at teepublic online I created my own line from the art I draw and I donate half the proceeds to help homeless and wounded veterans here is the link www.teepublic.com/user/TshirtTornado I add new designs frequently and they are mostly Heavy metal influenced designs so if you looking for something original to wear check out my page. shirts are normally $20 but when I release new designs they are only $14.
  4. Hey all its been awhile since I been in here unfortunately my health has been rapidly declining I been in and out of the hospital over 5 times this year and I am heading back next week for more procedures. I am not sure when and if I will ever get to finish my armor but if I get some strength I shall continue it. My wife bought me a MP -40 pouch set for my shoulder which I need to dye black but I have a question about the Mortar tube how does that attach to the rest of the pack? zip ties? not much left to do to the armor and hopefully I'll have the strength to submit some pics in it. Anyway hope you all are doing well I'll try and visit here more often now that I am out of the hospital.
  5. Happy Holidays everyone I have been extremely busy with school these days I hope everyone had a great Halloween as mine was unforgettable I wore my armor for the first time while passing out candy in my neighborhood. My house instantly became the spot!!! The first group of kids that came to my door were in complete shock when they saw my armor and in the blink of an eye I literally had hundreds of people on my front lawn wanting to take pics with me it was fun. Any way I will never forget this event most fun on Halloween I ever had. Other than that school keeps me busy. On another note I am still working on the armor I plan to get it dirty over the christmas break and put my AP helmet together and finish up the pack so I can wear it more I wore it on Halloween but I must not have put the straps on well because it fell off so I need to try a better install method. I would also like to take a moment to Thank my MEPD Brothers and Sisters thank you to those of you who helped me and my son out awhile back when I need help the most today is a huge mile stone for me as my Son Gabriel has been living in my custody for exactly a year now I won Primary Custody on his birthday in June but today he has been with me for exactly one year. I could not be here if it was not for ya'lls help so from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much. so I have posted the working progress shot from when me my son and my local 501st member put it together. ps excuse the clean look lol i am not on tattoine yet ;\
  6. if there is any change left over from my Pack order put it towards this.
  7. where do you get the raw umber wash from that looks awesome I was thinking spraying some sand and cinnimon onto an adhesive on mine but i like the way that looks
  8. mine is on its way from amazon that plus I got 2 31" Darth Vaders at Walmart yesterday so many cool things coming out Episode 7 time frame is almost at hand
  9. I am planning on attending this one I should have everything squared away for this one I will be driving cross country for a road trip too so it will be an interesting time. its been awhile since I stopped by been etremely busy with school and doctors lately but i will get back in again soon.
  10. Work is Killing me lately taking so much time away from me. But I have friday off so inbetween Homework I will work on my armor. I am going to try and tackle the Helmet build. also where can I get a good shoulder pouch ?? I have hip pouches so I am good there til i go for S.W.A.T
  11. get better soon man congrats on the swat
  12. wow I thought about doing that too how does it work ? how long of a charge does it hold?
  13. great tutorial bro but I am a little hard of hearing what is that dust you used called and where can i find it?
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