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  1. Hey Sandbrother, Has anyone ever had to repair their Hyperfirm DLT-19 when the tripod comes off? What glue should I use because E-6000 does not seem to be working? Thanks man, Smoke
  2. Well after being on these forums for 5 years its time to build a deployed MEPD Police Officer with the goal of SWAT in the end ( I know, baby steps Smoke, lets get deployed first!) LOL. I finally have everything I wanted to build an accurate TD. I scored a Quartermaster Move Along pack so that was my final item to start this. As I move forward I will post my build so I have the support of my crew! I scored a media container at the thrift store for $10! Now my pack has a case for transport. Anyway just letting you know Smoke is alive and well!
  3. Bring on more Sandtroopers to the legion! Looks good Sandbrother!
  4. Look's Fantastic Simon! Great job on the build!
  5. SMOKE

    MEPD 2015

    Rick you are the right guy for the job man!
  6. Looking good brother! Wow the RT is looking fantastic!
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