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  1. mark23

    Need to buy new tigth

    i already contated the maker and wait for the new batch. thank you everyone
  2. mark23

    To cut or not to cut...

    i really want to have a 501st membership, so where should i look to buy vacuformed tigh for a sandy
  3. mark23

    Need to buy new tigth

    I need to find a seller to buy new tigth in canada. Quebec if possible, any reference?
  4. mark23

    To cut or not to cut...

    should i try to repair it or order a thight. i lost the cuted part, so i read about using abs paste to repair or a need to find a seller that can make me only those part
  5. mark23

    To cut or not to cut...

    i was wondering if my gap is too big?
  6. mark23

    shin and thigh

    tks guys for all the help, cant wait to join you
  7. mark23

    shin and thigh

    what do you mean by hook?
  8. mark23

    shin and thigh

    Hey fellow trooper, i was wondering what i should use to close the back of the shin and thigth: velcro, snaps or something else
  9. mark23

    e-11 Doopydo's conversion kit

    i did not see any bubble on the kit only some pieces needed some trimming
  10. I finaly received my e11 conversion kit and i was wondering where i could find a good 501st building guide.
  11. hi, im trying to buy from doopydoos the mod kit but every time i tried, i cannot pay, there no add button to shopping cart with chrome and when i tried to email them i received sending error like the adress does not exist anymore. is there another seller or better way to contact them. thank in advance
  12. mark23

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi my name is Mark, i eant to join the 501st in canada with the imperial fortereste garrison. So i decide to be the coolest trooper to start a sandtrooper!