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  1. Congrats!!! Your submission summed-up in two words: Fast 'n Furious!
  2. Happy to have been somehow useful to the MEPD community.
  3. Just a question: - are You going to create a E11 full barrel into whic I can install real Sterling parts? I have a demilled Sterling but the outer barrel was plasma cutted and it is impossible to fix... so I'm interested on a replacement part. Thank You, Alberto
  4. Found this! http://www.germanluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/Maschinen Gewehre/MG 15/mg 15 maschinen gewehr.html I hope it can be useful... (it's German, so use google translator) Cheers, Alberto
  5. for that reason I wrote "Vixens" instead of "foxes" (Also, if i remember correctly, a Vixen is the female of a Fox)
  6. Well ... maybe DESERT VIXENS? (the name of the animal is Fennec)
  7. My son Riccardo is also a Galactic Academy Cadet... CDZ 1826 Here are some shots of Him (He's always eating or drinking earthly food and beverages because: "We do not have them on Tatooine... UTINIIIIII... )
  8. Hi John, I have a suggestion on Your Patch design and - obviously - It is something very personal, so You are free to not consider it at all... I worked a little bit on Your image (I hope that this thing does not offend You...) and I enlarged a little bit the Sand/Dewback figure, moved the twin suns to the right and shifted a little bit the vaporators (and the two on the far right are also scaled-up a little bit). I was just trying to highlight more the Sand/Dewback that - for me - was a little bit small. Let me know if You like it. Cheers, Alberto
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