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  1. We had a Swat approval with the cantina white pauldron Seargent that would be a good reference for you ill try to find it. Edit: here you go http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=9194
  2. Nope. Or not so you notice anyway. You are talking a very thin piece of plastic that's open. Check out white armor, most folks do it that way.
  3. I switched the mike out with on eI had that had a headset. The headset stays on my head when the helmet goes on and off. The speaker is attached to a neck strap that allows it to hang under the chest armor facing out, and the rom FX in a baggie at the moment is velcroed inside the chest armor. I plan on getting a project box to put the rom FX and battery inside to protect it better eventually. I used this same set up on my Icom/Aker to great effect. I have also seen people velcro the speaker in the chest armor and that works fine as well.
  4. My Garrison participated in the 30th Annual Dominion Christmas parade on December 7, 2013. it was our 8th year there. we followed the local Rebel Legion, and had them vastly outnumbered The parade was a little over 3 miles, but by the time we got to the staging area and snaked around and back to the cars it was probably closer to 4 or 5 miles. Was interesting as Vader Hiking that! But hearing everyone scream Darth Vader! Darth Vader! as I walked by and fist bumped or high fived them made it worth it. one little one broke away from his parents to run and give my legs a hug in he street, was sweet, but also concerning, as i was looking the other way and the tike dodged our handlers to lock around my leg and I froze so I would not steam roll them... lol poor mother was mortified, but its all good fun. it makes me so happy to be able to make so many folks day. it was a chilly day, with a brisk wind, and our TKs and Officers were freezing, but this was the first troop that I ws blessing my leather and wool, as i was toasty! we had a very special guest ...R2KT! Even before we could get to the start we kept getting stopped by other marchers who wanted pics, Firemen, marching bands, baton twirlers...you name it. one enterprising TK figured out a use for my wool cape while we were fighting the bitter wind in the morning waiting to march... Of course then I felt bad for our officers.... But Tiny TK was not to be deterred.....(I was actually concerned for her, her armor was rattling she was shaking so bad...I kept her wrapped up until we started marching and she could warm up) I think this is Miss Virginia Teen USA...She jumped off her float and waited at the finish line so she could get a picture with Darth...Fett photobombing in the background...can't trust those bounty hunters....so sneaky...
  5. My swat is RS Propmasters. My tk is Troopermaster Both are great choices. I like tms shins better than RS shins because the RS suit had repeat parts so instead of unique inner and outer shin parts, there are repeats so the calves can seem fatter. You know not sculpted to a persons leg.
  6. SE sandy has stalled as other costumes and work have cut into it. I want to do it but at the same time I barely have enough troops to wear the ones I have. Also honestly the more I looked into them the more terrible they are. They are not even ROTJ suits but tour suits that are just crappy. I hate to go through all that just for something that looks like a fanboys home movie from the 90s you know?
  7. I did a Toys for tots troop this past weekend November 16, 2013. I had planned on doing it in my Sandy, but we needed a vader, and it let me see a few tweakes I had made to the suit. I chose to modify the cape as I always thought the neck opening was off, I think this looks more screen accurate. We got the bin filled to overflowing. Come to the Dark Side... Love this pic, it is a tender moment sort of thing... My Buddy, My Buddy.... My Buddy and me.... Love this pic, you can almost hear the WOW.... from the child. My friend in his TK, the girls expression is great, Of course I had to cross sabers with my old Nemisis... The boy was "Using the Force" on me lol My Chest box strap had come loose, but was easily fixed. Star trek references aside (dying spok behind the reactor glass) this was cute shot. Think Daddy was more into this than the kid... The gangs all here...
  8. Thanks! Hopefully I will have pics of my TD again soon... We like to have a vader at events though so I end up doing him more than my other rigs... Ever since my first toys for tots troop when I saw a little boy beg his mom to wait for vader (ours was about 45 mins behind) and then stood next to me and talked non stop till vader showed I was determined that if possible we would always have a vader... I started working on mine then. The only problem is I am a very imposing vader... Kids are torn between being over joyed or terrified lol Seriously with the deep breathing loop and physical presense I can terrify small ones just by pointing at them. Lol I sent one poor kid into hysterics when I pulled my saber from inside my cloak and lit it at the same time. And he was dressed as vader. I usually end up acting silly of bending way down to get them to not be so terrified. Apparently a vader that looks like he did on screen is just too real... I'm stuck in the uncanny valley... http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley
  9. Haunted Science lab, Science Museum of Western Virginia October 26, 2013 This event marked my 10th troop. It was a childrens science museum Halloween event. About 150 kids and parents showed up and we had alot of fun. Nice costumes on some of those kids! I played Vader Again. Early in the night I had to defend myself against 2 attackers... My younger Anakin and and A Luke who somehow had stolen a red saber... (they have an Omniglobe that can project things like planets etc, and as you can see it has a death star setting!) Here we are with the deathstar more Prominent: The Crew: We did not have an official photographer at this event since most of our members were at the National Air and Space Museum's Air N Scare in DC, but got these shots from folks who attended and were nice enough to send them.
  10. Looking good. Glad to see you sticking it out. I come from such the other end of the size world ( I have to add plastic ) it's amazing to see this.
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