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  1. T-BONE

    *DONE* TD-42887 Requesting Deployment

    Looks awesome dude! I can't find anything wrong with it now!
  2. T-BONE

    SoCal build help?

    We gotta get together again and work on it!
  3. T-BONE

    Loki's NE Build

    Sandstorm patrol welcoming Loki to the dirty side!
  4. T-BONE

    Tapatalk Broke?

    I hope it is fixed soon. I haven't been able to keep up with the boards as much as I'd like to anymore.
  5. T-BONE

    T-Bone's Vest!

    Haha I need like 42,000 more studs to be Judas Priest!
  6. T-BONE

    T-Bone's Vest!

    Dewback gang!
  7. T-BONE

    T-Bone's Vest!

    Here's the start of my vest so I can rep MEPD and the 501st at Comic Con! Still need to add some patches and studs!
  8. T-BONE


    Awesome man! Armor party soon??
  9. Sandstorm Patrol with R5-PD!
  10. T-BONE

    Tapatalk Broke?

    My Tapatalk hasnt been working for the past week or so. Just showing no topics or posts but still has all the names of the forum sections. All my other Tapatalk forums are working. Just thought I'd let ya know! I usually only use Tapatalk to check forums. Thanks! <3 T-Bone
  11. T-BONE

    sealing after weathering

    I always hear hairspray works good. I didnt use anything about a year ago and it hasn't changed much even with trooping.