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  1. Goood morning brothers and sisters. I wasn‘t online too long. after many battles arround my personal life, i just want to say i am still at the front. good to see, all systems running here, like i never was offline. Greetings u to ya ... hookah ! Pino
  2. Biker Scout USCM Marine M3 USCM Gunner Planet of the apes Classics Hunter Gorilla Planet of the apes Classics conquest Gorilla a Fury Player of "the Warriors" Matrix Agent Smith " under construction"
  3. Thought my buddy Justus may need some special :-)
  4. aigh, comes with quack-box and blue navy shirt optional ^^
  5. i'll take the one with Orange 😜
  6. Bucket off from Germany :-/
  7. BAM... got mine !!! it looks sweeeeet !!!! thanx Jay 😜😜😜
  8. one time it needed ONLY 2 days. it was a not al letter with Stickers :-) but Each letter is different hahahahaa
  9. not ONLY Justus with the NL postman... i am killing Popcorn here like mass in GER :-)
  10. hehe, crazy :-) but: here i tested several MP3 sourcs/players, THEY all have not the output-power i want. not loud enough... iPhone was the most powerfull option then.
  11. at the base like i did, only different speakers... if there are probs with Bluetooth, u can leave the phone inside the radio Box too. atached it all with velcro
  12. aaah, first secrets arrived? Popcorn popcorn popcorrrrrrn :-))
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