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  1. Old troopers T-21 Build

    Oh Look old school. just for inspiration.
  2. T-21 barrel details

    They are just add on put the Lewis for the film to make it look different. This can be achieved but making them up out of nuts & cut to size & shaped styrene. have a look at my build on the next page.
  3. Hi guy was post on the patrols section. went to post pic's via my usual means and ways(from Photo Bucket) can't seem to do so. But am able to so on other boards through the various 501st forums I'm on. any help would be appreciated.
  4. T-21 Courtesy Review Please...

    Yep Panda's Template is the one that certainly has got many of us to say yep that seems easy enough & really it is. I Used them.
  5. Dazutos T21 Scratch Build

    Hard work but it pays off end the end & Wow looks great.
  6. My newly weathered T-21 :-)

    very nice job there. be proud of it.
  7. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Request Sand-trooper access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.Php?user=13764&costumeID=2 TD-4746 Old Trooper Chris Mcloughlin
  8. Sim between ab & kidney plate

    Thanks Guys That been a help
  9. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    your construct feed back is surly welcome.
  10. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    Belt pack, Paluton & ammo pack
  11. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    Thighs & Lower legs Yes i'm aware that there is scratching on the lower left thigh that needs fixing.
  12. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    Abb & Kidney & butt Plates
  13. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    Bells, Biceps & forearms
  14. Opinions please ON OT's Weathering

    Ok guys I've been busy my armour together and I given the left out in the sand storm look on my TD build. Please note that I'm aware that certain parts of the build are not complete ie lenses, aerators, Stud right side but i'm wanting feed back on the weathering. Helmet Chest & back plate
  15. Sim between ab & kidney plate

    Hi guys been doing work on my armour and have come to a issue that needs clarification. question: I require to ad a sim between the ab & kidney plates, I know where the studs go on the ab plate but do I place the studs that sit adjacent to those on the kidney plate which gives a looks rather a large distance apart & some what wrong or do I put them on the sim forward part of the section and a line the sim as if like the kidney ought to whilst a lining or laying the back section of the sim flush with the kidney plate thoughts or advise would be helpful amour is ATA.