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  1. Howdy folks its been a while since I last posted but normal life and work has slowed this project down. I did manage to get some time off recently and completed my TD with a Dirty Boy pack. I think I have covered everything to be deployed as a police officer and will be posting my pictures up soon. In the mean time here is some pictures of the completed pack that has sound and lights. Thanks dirty Boy for a awesome pack
  2. Yep that is SDS armour. i know that armour as I have a Shadow Trooper from the same place.
  3. UPDATE Howdy guys well things have been moving along a bit slow due to over worked but have managed to stick to this project that I started some months ago. Since my last post i have taken delivery of a few more bits and pieces. I have replaced the top shoulder leather pouch with a canvas one which I dyed and then weathered . I also took delivery of a back pack from Dirty Boy which i have been slowly building in my spare time I get. Just want to say thankyou to the boss for the great pack he supplied and the information he provided me when i got stuck and needed help with the build. The radio has had the speaker holes bored out so the sound of radio chatter can be heard via a mp3 player which is also installed behind the radio face. I also installed a led light which operates from a 9v battery and can be turned on and off from one of the toggle swithes. I still have to install the bee stinger the straps and do some weathering then she will be complete. The pics shoulder pouch Radio
  4. Nice work. Can you tell me the dimensions of the shotgun shells used please. I am building one of your packs and have come to a halt.
  5. Went to a recent Oz Comic Con in my home town a few weeks ago and took my TD on the main day for a spin as i had gotten 501st approval 2 days prior. I haven't finished my pack yet but not to far off from being completed. Also need to do a few more adjustments then its pic time for Police officer. Enjoy. We have a full size cardback which we use at our conventions etc.
  6. Thanks guys. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Dirty Boy can you please PM me some info on your packs please with postage to Australia 5010.
  7. Okay i managed to suit up today and get a few shots done outside. I just need to make some minor adjustments and then I am pretty well done I think. Next stage will be to purchase a Pack or might attempt to make one (time permitting due to 12 hour work shifts) One of our squad members is the main contact and supplier for the TPE MG 34 so that will be must also. Front shot Side shot The pouches i scored from a local squad member who bought these from Epic Militia some time ago but never got around to using them. The top one will be changed later on when I submit my application for Police officer. More to come soon .
  8. Thanks guys. I think the lighting has made the helmet and the armour look completely different. The helmet photo's where taken inside and the armour shots where outside. I will get a pic up soon with the complete gear on outside.
  9. Okay i decided to get my **** into gear and get this weathering completed before Xmas got here and here are the pics Front thigh's and shins Rear shot showing thighs and calves, I really need to get the heat gun on the tail piece and fold that up a notch. The strapping is not fully adjusted either hence why my tail is hanging out. Chest , Ab and cod piece Full front shot with black Pauldron. When i originally bought this kit just over 2 years ago the first thing I did was replace the oversized AM helmet with a AP helmet. I have since replaced the decals using Mike's decal's from Trooper bay and added a bit of weathering to it. Front shot Rear shot Right side Left side. I may have gone a bit heavy on the weathering after viewing some of the photo's here on this forum but in saying that i really wanted to go for the dirty, dirty look which I think makes it a unique trade mark. The squad I am apart of is called the "Southern Dewback Squad" so the heavy weathering fits in quiet well. More progress photo's to follow after Xmas.
  10. Managed to get a bit more weathering done over the weekend. Hand plates and Forearms done. Thigh's and shoulder bells and biceps done The process I am using is just some acrylic paint from the craft store dabbed on a torn up sponge. Once its dried (approx 5 mins) then use a damp cloth and wipe over it with very light force. To seal it i use a matte clear coat in a spray can which also takes the shine off the armour.
  11. Thanks guys its great knowing there is help around if needed. It should be a pretty easy conversion as the armour is already built. Will post up more pics soon.
  12. Some weeks ago I decided that my AM TK was to clean and needed to be dirty. So I did some research on this forum and started the transformation. First thing to do was remove all the pieces from the TK which are not on the TD, knee plate, drop boxes, holster and the decals from the helmet. I then attached the proper diamond knee plate that came with the kit. To do this I attached a piece of abs cut to size to the back of the plate then riveted it to the shin. The weathering process was the next thing to do. I did some more research on this forum on how to do this and proceeded to weather the armour starting from the bottom and working my way up. By starting at the bottom if i applied to much to the shins and boots it wouldn't really matter as these parts are the closest to the ground and expect to be dirtier. The higher up the armour I go the lighter the the weathering should become.
  13. Nice thread guys. Enjoying the reading of every post. I think i fall into the must have accuracy group as well. I remember when i built my Clone wars Gree, Man i did some research on that thing trying to get it as accurate as it was on the TV. I had screen grabs from every episode he was in. The thing that made it the hardest to build was the minimal amount of costumes the same around the legion. So asking somebody for advice was near impossible. I got there in the end and it became the first Clone wars Gree in Australia. Then i sold it to help another recruit out to join the 501st.
  14. Hi my name is Shane and I am from Australia. I have a TX shadow trooper, TX shadow scout, Ep 3 Commander Cody and a AM TK which was my first suit I built nearly 3 years ago. The AM is due for a upgrade later on so I have decided to turn the TK into a TD. Most of the weathering is done except for the helmet which is the next thing to do on the list. I have most of the parts for a pack and have a squad leader who is about to help me put that all together. I have been trolling these forums for some time now and am amazed by some of the work that goes into making a TD. Its a credit to everyone who has posted a pic or something related as it helps the newbie's like myself in becoming a TD.
  15. Howdy everyone TK7753 here from Terror Australis Garrison. Looking at doing a TD at some stage to add to my collection so i thought it would be best to join and do some research. Have a TK ANH style , TX shadow trooper and a TX shadow scout.
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