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  1. Absolutely brilliant to have you join our ranks, Jack. Well done !
  2. I bet Sandman Tigui can make an awesome banner on this ! LOL
  3. You really should win a prize for putting "Brad" and "Crotch" in one title ! ****, I thought this was some kind of election ! Wait until you see the signs I've drawn up for the campaign !
  4. I've had my T21 for over 2 yrs and before that it used to belong to Smally. I believe it's a Cushman and it is in fact lighter than and easier to troop with than my E11.. I've trooped with it over an 8hr day and it's extremely sturdy but that may be due to the inside being "filled". I would need to investigate that but anyway, if mine is a Cushman then I can't recommend it enough. I've borrowed someone else's resin DLT19 and another's heavy wooden T21. No way I can troop with those. This thread is reminding me to purchase another ! LOL
  5. No apology needed, welcome to your second home !! Will u come to UK for CE3 ? Smally and I look fwd to meeting even more of the mepd family !
  6. ...although having said that, I think you missed a trick by not doing this tomorrow, Smally: April 1st :-D
  7. Been awhile since I've seen weathering this good. All the best to you on your application, Rick ! Reminds me I need to sort my kit out !
  8. Hey guys, sorry if this has already been posted but it's such an awesome idea it's worth posting twice if so !!!! Scott has been doing an unbelievable trek and I for one will support this http://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=131&t=85399
  9. Absolutely stunning picture dude. YOu guys continue to push a high standard in your Garrison
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