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  1. Help promote the MEPD!

    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 On Patrol
  2. Help promote the MEPD!

    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 Relax after the Patrol
  3. Hi Dirty Brothers. Coming soon , New Dewback Black Series With Exclusive Sandtrooper The Doubt This Color Pauldron Is Correct ?????????? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola Sucios Guerreros y Hermanos. La Proxima Aparicion del Dewback Para Black Series me ha Generado una Duda con su Exclusivo Jinete Este Color del Pauldron , No existe como Canon , Cierto ?
  4. On Patrol

    Thanks Brothers The Jawa Escaped to my Routine Control I had To Shoot Gracias Hermanos El Jawa Escapo de mi Control Rutinario Tuve que Hacerlo
  5. On Patrol

    The MEPD TD 3677 On Patrol
  6. With My Girl

    Thanks Brothers
  7. With My Girl

    TD-3677 With My Girl . Spain Con mi Chica . España
  8. Yeahhh. Awesome Armor Bro Me encanta
  9. TD-2301 Artwork

    Nice !!!
  10. MEPD of Brothers

    My Last Picture With Sandtroopers Black Series Mi Ultimo Montaje Fotografico con Sandtroopers Black Series
  11. *DONE* TD-18814 Requesting Deployment

    Ya Casi Listo Noble Caballero
  12. *DONE* TD-18088 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Bro Plas.Plas.Plas. Un Placer Tenerle en los MEPD
  13. *DONE* TD-18088 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Bro Great job I love your Armor Welcome To MEPD Grande sea el saludo Noble Caballero