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About Me

i was a very lucky lad at the age of 4 to be taken to the cinema by my dad to see STAR WARS!

this film and the next 2 engulfed my life,i was not just hooked it also became my day to day life obsession!

with extremley understanding great parents i was lucky enough to look forward to christmas,birthdays

any other special occasion to recieve STAR WARS goodies!

to this day i still look forward to recieve anything STAR WARS and im sure that will never change!

in reality im a landscape/builder who most of the time enjoys his job very much apart from the crappy british weather!

i consider myself a pretty simple person with simple rules to abide by,an eye for an eye,what goes around

comes around,treat others how you expect to be treated yourself,etc etc...!

im also an extremley big cat lover along with any other animals! :thumbsup:

it has taken me a long time to find the M.E.P.D. as i am not a big computer lover but since coming here im hooked

at logging in every day to find out whats happening,it has now become a big part of my life and i have a lot of time for everyone on here that takes there time to chat!

it still surprises me how friendly and helpful people are here and i hope im doing the same to keep the spirit alive.

im actually currently working on my RS sandy(look sir droids) and loving every minute of it!!!

:td: M.E.P.D. FOREVER!! :td:

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