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  1. A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    No better way than trial by fire! The rest is easy stuff
  2. TheSwede`s "look Sir! droids" SWAT build [RS]

    Do the little points on the top rear of the thighs stab you in the butt?
  3. *DONE* TD-11829 Requesting Deployment

    On first glance everything seems to be in order, but I am not the deployment officer! The only thing that really stood out is the bottom of the thighs.
  4. Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Terrible how Tandy doesn't offer (at least as far as I've seen) them anymore without their logo all over.
  5. *DONE* TD-11829 Requesting Deployment

    As long as they fit you, it should be ok then. Good thing for you is there are some great builders in the German Garrison who should be able to put some eyes on your armor to help where needed.
  6. Happy but not happy with my weathering...

    Looks fantastic!
  7. *DONE* TD-11829 Requesting Deployment

    Good to see another German application for PO, I know the German Garrison will square you away and help you along your journey. I had to turn my head sideways to view most of your photos but overall, not too bad! One thing that did seem to stick out to me was the bottom of your thighs. They look too large, almost like a bell. Are you able to taper them in some? This will greatly increase mobility when they are sized to your knee/thigh correctly.
  8. Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    I would recommend using the non-Tandy labeled snaps where visible. At least on the top right side.
  9. Custom, "One Off" Field Pack?

    Nothing wrong with that but it's not for me. I would say the majority of us around here strive for screen accuracy. But like I said, nothing wrong with making something your own!
  10. Nagging FRUSTRATING problems with audio and Helmet

    I maybe turn the knob on the Aker itself half way. Then on my wireless mic I hit the + a few times. Everything else is handled through the TKTalkie. Do some dry runs before your next troop and play with the settings.
  11. Need to buy new tigth

    Check your local garrison forums. The only Canadian supplier for TK/TD armor I'm aware of is AuthentiProps
  12. Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Looking good!
  13. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Welcome back!
  14. Painting of Storage Box for armor

    I am lame. I just have the laser engraved plate with my call sign, TD#, and garrison on it. I have a few stickers and that's it.
  15. Nagging FRUSTRATING problems with audio and Helmet

    What speaker/amp do you have? I have the Aker 1506 mounted in my chest and it's not even a foot away from my mic and I've never had any feedback issues. I use a wireless mic so not sure if that contributes to the no feedback but my setup works great.
  16. *done* TD 1636 Requesting Deployment

  17. To cut or not to cut...

    Who did you get your armor from? In Canada, there's AuthenticProps aka AP. You can contact them: authenticprops@hotmail.com
  18. To cut or not to cut...

    Yes, you went way too high. You should never cut past the top of the rim/ridge on the bottom of the thigh. See this screen grab for reference:
  19. Davin Helmet 1 - Long-time project

    Davin is my favorite as well, Roger. My 1 year old son is even named Davin! For a character that only graced the screen for a whole 5 seconds or less lol, I just love his armor and overall look the best. Hopefully I can get my kit even close to the level of detail Felix and yourself have done.
  20. GilFran007 quest for 501st approval

    Very nice!
  21. color of bracket for canteen

    There's a good argument using the above photos that you do both. Left side (as wearing it black) and right side unpainted aluminum.
  22. My backpack frame is breaking

    Reach out to RS, in the meantime do the suggestions above. Start gathering the pieces and build yourself new pack on the karrimor frame. You've got the high end armor, you're building a high end blaster, so it's only logical that you build a high end pack.
  23. Celebration Chicago - Meet Up?

    I started this thread but it's still in early discussions just about Celebration in general. I am definitely down to meet my brothers & sisters in MEPD.
  24. shin and thigh

    No, you need to have the screws present (what shows on the outside), but you can use whatever internal strapping method you want that's not seen.
  25. shin and thigh

    I don't believe hooks are a requirement for 2 or 3. I don't use hooks.