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  1. PSA: Get those troop logs updated! Deadline for selection consideration for troop of the year is December 18th!
  2. Greetings, sandtroopers of the MEPD! Would you like your troop to be highlighted in a upcoming newsletter? If so, make sure you are updating your troop log with photos, describe the event, and provide details on your experience. Keeping an up to date troop log is also beneficial come 501st Census at the end of the year.
  3. Nice to match a face to the name finally!
  4. John, I would narrow it down to ones in the last year or two. So much has changed this year alone regarding accuracy.
  5. Just add a block of foam on the inside of the shin around the bottom point of the diamond and one on the rear of the thigh. It'll keep the diamond plate from catching your thigh!
  6. Ideally, the OP should upload their pictures to a new host and edit their threads. This is definitely a help but you get what I'm saying.
  7. Great set of instructions and pictures to show the progress. Will be a huge help to troopers for years to come!
  8. Love it
  9. Mine is lower like seen in the screenshot. I tried to keep the left and right points centered with the top ridge of the shin but also I'm short so need to make it not stick up too much so I can walk.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Make sure you're updating your troop log! Getting ready to hand select a troop of the year shortly. As always, if you can provide detail on the reason for the troop, it makes a big difference!
  12. Maybe they'll have enough "interest" to not close a pre-order.... looking at you Anovos shoretrooper.
  13. Looks like the mold needs some cleaning up. It would need to be priced well below a real Lion Star since Vincent already offers them for a pretty fair price. The mushroom caps are an old style toilet plunger that can be found on Amazon. Nothing wrong with alternatives but be aware people are getting close to or actual items that was also used in the movie for great prices.
  14. I also think that if there was indeed a female sandtrooper actress, it would be a much bigger thing to promote and be made aware of.
  15. The only thing I can find about Kaye Power McGowan is that she appeared in the Hoth command center but there's no evidence or any of the other actors vouching that she was indeed a sandtrooper, tusken, and a few other costumed characters in the OT.
  16. Once you replace the radio and change the blue bottle colors, it'll pass for PO. I'd like to see a real Tupperware pitcher lid used or a better cast/3d print with a bolt of some sort holding it onto the mortar tube. Your current one shouldn't stop you but an upgrade would improve the look.
  17. I'm hoping Santa brings me this book
  18. 2016 Kidz Expo Finally did it and had my first troop on Saturday March 5th for the Albany Kidz Expo at the Empire State Plaza. A little funny how my first troop is where I work. Discovered I still have a few areas prone to armor biting and that I should always put in new batteries for my fans at the beginning of a troop! I was super nervous walking out thinking my calves would come undone or my knee plate/thigh ammo belt rubbing would be a huge issue. Once we got out there and the kids (and adults) went nuts, all the anxiety went away. I had such a good time and by the end of the night after getting home I was exhausted. 7 hour troop with a couple breaks was a great way to jump in feet first.
  19. It's better to generate our content instead of borrowing from FISD when it comes to our pack builds. Shawn, if you could document your build it would be greatly appreciated by troopers for years to come.
  20. It sold, $130+ USD is a little too rich for my blood though
  21. Welcome!
  22. Congratulations!
  23. Spent last weekend at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester for their In Another Galaxy weekend. Got to meet many Rebel Legion members as well as our neighbors to the north from Canadian and Capital City Garrison. We even had a few members from Empire City Garrison make the trip! I had such a great time and really refreshed my love for this hobby. The Canadians love their props and they were gracious enough to bring them for the weekend. Enjoy the photos! My kids loved Jabba!
  24. Can we have an electronics forum created? I'm thinking it makes sense to put it in the What Makes a Sandtrooper section.