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  1. Paint those 6 split rivets white + weathering. Need to see the top ab snap
  2. I know you're using the original strapping method but you can add some snaps on the inside and use some elastic. The tension will help keep it in place
  3. Make longer straps that connect the front and back plates over your shoulders and it'll allow more clearance.
  4. Sweet! Glad my meddling did some good!
  5. LOL that's hilarious!
  6. I'd say the shins are a charcoal grey and the pack is a dark grey with a hint of blue/green. I wouldn't quite call it green though.
  7. Post screen grabs and not pictures of a monitor screen. Based on the first photo, if the pack is green, so are the grey sections on the back of the helmet.
  8. These both look awesome, Ian. Maybe start offering a run
  9. Don't walk through the woods during hunting season though
  10. 501st access granted
  11. @Felice I believe he's ready for review
  12. Rotate the biceps and pull the shoulder bells up more too. So close to getting this completed!
  13. You can do it either way. I made a little stack of abs pieces and put mine on there.
  14. I recommend doing a wash over the armor to get rid of some of the shine. Heavily watered down burnt umber all over, let it partially dry and blot it out with an old t-shirt.
  15. Maybe edit out the plastic sound that we all make when walking lol