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  1. Spent last weekend at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester for their In Another Galaxy weekend. Got to meet many Rebel Legion members as well as our neighbors to the north from Canadian and Capital City Garrison. We even had a few members from Empire City Garrison make the trip! I had such a great time and really refreshed my love for this hobby. The Canadians love their props and they were gracious enough to bring them for the weekend. Enjoy the photos! My kids loved Jabba!
  2. Here's mine. Video is old though. The 3w speaker wasn't loud enough so I replaced it with my Pyle 50w and I use a much smaller tube style battery.
  3. Talk about RAISING the bar! My god, that's amazing.
  4. @SCRIBBLER Can we get his second look?
  5. hahaha, awesome!
  6. Congratulations, Vincent. Very very very much well deserved!
  7. When you have friends in high places, ladies and gentleman.
  8. backpack

    RS hasn't updated their packs in quite some time so I highly recommend folks skip that option. Beautiful armor but can't say I recommend their packs.
  9. backpack

    Yeah, he's drilled out the one ring of smaller holes towards the center. I blast TD chatter from my radio as well. I use a pyle 50 watt hooked to a mini mp3 player board and cheap rechargeable battery.
  10. It's supposed to have a hand painted look so doesn't have to be perfect but you also don't want it to look like a kindergartner did it either Your black lines need some cleaning up. A Q-tip and a tiny bit of thinner can fix that right up.
  11. LOL Dutchy will just ask Anthony next time they get together for drinks
  12. The inside of the hovi tips should be white. The strip count depends on the trooper you're trying to emulate. You should be fine with your current count for basic and PO though