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  1. Just sell a couple packs and you can buy RS Props armor lol.
  2. I added in two male snaps into the backpack strap and 2 female on the pouch. I use 2 in case one fails, which has had a few times... I also sewn in portion of nylon webbing on both straps and ran them into a parachute clip. The chest strap helps take off pressure on your shoulders.
  3. Grant, PhotoBucket is not allowing linking. Just create an account at and upload your photos there.
  4. Yeah you tilt it up to cover up the seem below the cover strip on that ridge.
  5. Shawn, you might want to look into a vacuum former soon. 3D print master parts and them make parts out of ABS, might help speed things up but it's also costly. You're doing amazing work! Love watching all your project's progress
  6. Awesome looking! You've done a great job
  7. you need the screws in the bottom of the chest plate return
  8. Sorry, you have it placed too high. It should mount on that bottom ridge. Not above it Like this:
  9. Put a piece of foam behind the diamond plate, or a little lower on the middle of the shin and it'll help keep it pushed out, do the same for the rear of the thigh and it'll help keeping them from knocking into each other. I also noticed your thigh ammo is not attached correctly. The bottom needs to be rounded off and it should be attached on the top corners.
  10. I'm not sure. It also depends on where you got your armor from. I know TM and a few others in England have much larger caps than what US vendors supply. I got two end caps from Tosche traders and they were huge. Ended up getting some from crashmann and they worked great. I had to bevel the end of the pipe with a dremel sanding drum some but they went on just fine with no glue needed.
  11. Here's the tube I used:
  12. Post screws + magnets seems like the best way. I wouldn't have thought of that
  13. Nice work!
  14. I used the caps that came with my armor. You just need to bevel the end of the tube with a dremel first.
  15. They must not teach trigger awareness at the Empire academy