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  1. Initial chest fitting.

    I guess as long as they have the look but I just made them like they did in the movie.
  2. Duden15s RS Propmasters Sandtrooper WIP

    The screws to attach the ears to the helmet.
  3. Initial chest fitting.

    The left side (as you're wearing it) should be clam shelled together via the 6 split rivets and nylon or elastic. Your right side should have the snap on the top corner on the ab plate. That will be connected to a snap on elastic and connected to the kidney side which is glued in place.
  4. Duden15s RS Propmasters Sandtrooper WIP

    Another thing to remember is once you install the hardware, it'll close up a lot of gap too.
  5. Yosh's Field Pack

    I think you can just use the washer's hot water.
  6. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    There's a few vendors you can get the piece from.
  7. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    3 buttons instead of the 4 TKs use. Also, no plate on the center ab.
  8. Trooperbay hand guards?

    Don't think Mike from Trooperbay is rolling in the dough by any means. He mostly runs a sign company and does Trooperbay on the side. His stuff is for the most part really good but as far as pouches and pauldrons there's known vendors here that have superior product. Half my armor is MTK aka Trooperbay and it is great but as far as handguards, I have an older set plus some from Joseph on my flight gloves that I normally wear instead of chemical gloves.
  9. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    We have two deployment officers that live in Germany so you are in good hands.
  10. Yosh's Field Pack

    You can use your washing machine if it's a top load but you need to run a few cycles when you're done.
  11. SOLO - New Trooper

    I kinda want to do this for the cape alone LOL but I seriously hope the weathering is better in the film because that looks terrible.
  12. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    HELLO Greg and Peter!

    You can rig up something to your pauldron. I’ve done a few hospital troops with my pack and I get what you’re saying. I’d feel naked without it though
  14. Battleship grey

    I got mine on Amazon. You really need to scuff up the plastic bottles so the paint adheres.
  15. 2018 Election Results