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  1. Not sure if Ross over at RWA offers larger kidney or ab plates that that would help close up those gaps on the side without having to add in shims yourself.
  2. I used pleather that I got from JoAnn fabric. I suppose if you want real leather, you could get some from Tandy.
  3. Looks slick! I need to 3d print myself a new one. My current one was when I was still a noob with 3d printing.
  4. welcome, Jason. You're going to love trooping..... hopefully that will become a thing again soon lol.
  5. Just use some elastic and roll up the extra webbing from the strap so it doesn't interfere with the look
  6. Impressive so far! Just a few corrections which should be easy!
  7. It is a pleasure to serve on your command staff, Tim!
  8. A good wash will break the white up. Then it's all about different amounts of watered down burnt umber to change the color a bit. Do it in layers and it looks very natural. IMHO, too much is if you're trying to make your sandtrooper a mimban trooper!
  9. It has been an honor to server in your staff these past few years!
  10. Got Mike all sorted. He had another username he wanted to use too.
  11. Urs, way to raise the bar for SWAT yet again! So much work went into this and it shows. Your work will be a pathway for troopers to come! Beautiful!
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