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  1. Airborne Trooper

    Special reporters wanted!!

    #MEPDSWCC19 is much easier to remember
  2. Airborne Trooper

    Emperor's Roughnecks Requests

    Requesting my review for the Roughneck 25 award.
  3. Airborne Trooper

    TD-82573 "Airborne Trooper" Tour of Duty, 25 Arrests

    25th TROOP!!! FINALLY! What a mile stone and very cool that my 25th was also the anniversary of my very 1st troop. What a way to go full circle! This is the capital region's biggest troop of the year and had a great time trooping it once again as I missed last year due to my entire house having a bug. For those not familiar, Garrison Excelsior covers the entire area of NY state just north of the Hudson Valley area & NYC. I don't get to travel out of town to troop too often so it's one of the few reasons it's taken years to finally hit my 25th. I know some of you can knock that out in 6 months! It has been a great experience these last 3 years and looking forward to many more!
  4. Airborne Trooper

    Duden15 Backpack Build (Pack 3)

    What did you use for the mount on the cartridges that mount on the black seed box?
  5. Airborne Trooper

    Duden15 Backpack Build (Pack 3)

    Based on what the SWAT guys have needed, I would say yes to the lab pipe.
  6. Airborne Trooper

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Very nice!
  7. Airborne Trooper

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    I will definitely ask Anthony Forrest if he remembers you at Celebration!
  8. Airborne Trooper

    Forum issue

    The forum seems to be working for me now but the home page is messed up.
  9. Airborne Trooper

    TD-82573 "Airborne Trooper" Tour of Duty, 25 Arrests

    Those are my kids! They are so used to me being in costume that they don’t even care that much lol.
  10. Airborne Trooper

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    I’d be interested in the stinger STL
  11. Airborne Trooper

    Duden15 Backpack Build (Pack 3)

    Coming along nicely. I still need to upgrade my pack. I’m most nervous about bending my karrimore frame
  12. Airborne Trooper

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    THIS is awesome! Love seeing very detailed builds. Troopers helping troopers!
  13. Airborne Trooper

    Where did the reference photos go?

    We should really update this. Pandatrooper really paved the way and made it organized but we have troopers who are SWAT that can be great models for these configurations.
  14. Airborne Trooper

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi, Ryan. I am in your garrison but in the capital district. If you need any help, this is the place to be.
  15. Airborne Trooper

    Special reporters wanted!!

    Can we come up with a special hashtag? I’m sure a lot of us will be taking pictures and posting on social media.