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  1. Lasse

    Lasse’s ATA TD build

    Thanks mate! Will do
  2. Lasse

    Lasse’s ATA TD build

    Perfectly explained, and yes I allready have one. The shoulder bell is working perfectly, but is pushed out of possition by the wonky bicep. Am currently using heat gun, mini iron, violence and bad language to fix it - seems to do the trick Thanks for helping!
  3. Lasse

    Lasse’s ATA TD build

    So. I’m almost finished assembling. I’m not the tallest, so some trimming/modding here and there but other than that it’s been quite straight forward. Except one thing. The left biceps (right side in the pic). My kit is from 2011, so has that wonky biceps. It causes the shoulder bell to twist and look bad. Anyone have any solutions? Sorry for my daughters crappy mobile pic ;D
  4. Lasse

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Thought I might re-introduce myself, since I’ve been afk for, drumroll, 6 years I’ve had an ATA kit, Dirtyboy Move Along backpack, various pouches etc etc sitting in the loft of my garage ever since we moved here. Moving, new jobs, kids etc just got in the way - until now! I’ve also got a complete all alu R2, just need foot drives and paint. But I think I’ll wait until my son can join in on the work. My TD on the other hand is currently all over our kitchen and living room, only some small details and weathering left and I’m ready for the 501st and then deployment here. Am building to MEPD standards from the get go, so hopefully that will go smoothly. Am dreading the weathering a bit, but am a trained artist/designer so I know my way around acrylics. Anyone done a combo of acrylics and fullers earth?
  5. Lasse

    Belt canvas colour question

    I decided to go for it. 4 layers sewn together, and a light whitewash seems to have done the trick. With the weathering on it should look the business
  6. Lasse

    Belt canvas colour question

    Good point! I'll have a look in the fabric shop, maybe they have something more egg shell colour that is still sturdy. If not I can try to give it a white wash with paint before weathering. Or see if bleach has an effect. Hmm... Thanks mate!
  7. Hi all! I'm finally back and am now finishing my TD. I have a question regarding the degree of "offwhiteness" that flys for the canvas part of the belt... How dark of an offwhite is ok? I have a lot of heavy artists cotton canvas that is perfect for the job as long as the colour/hue is approvable... Looks very beige in this pic, comes off as lighter in RL but still a very different white to the superwhite ABS ;D
  8. Lasse

    Back and at it again!

    Hi guys! I've been AFK for several years due to moving and kids and whatnot. Parked the pony in the garage for the winter and suddenly got the urge to continue my TD-build, yay! I'm currently tackling the torso, and was wondering how to best trim it to size (I'm a tad shorter/skinnier than my old ATA kit is made for). Will probably get the size i need lengthwise by doing a little codpiece chopping, but the width is bugging me a little. Anyone got a build thread that might give me a couple of pointers? Glad to be back!
  9. Feel the need to assault anyone? I'm in Norway though - where not even the police bring guns. Up here assault rifles is synonymous with terrorists - not that I think you're one, LOL Just sayin'
  10. Lasse

    Finishing strip size

    I think Philip has a good point. If the wide strips looks good because everything else is wide too then it should be fine
  11. Lasse

    Finishing strip size

    Whoa! I'd try to avoid the wide strips - especially in the front (22mm is accurate - 16 for arms, no?) But, that's easy for me to say as I'm a small, so I had to trim lots of material off the backs of my thigh-armour (similar to what Pandatrooper did on his tutorial)
  12. Lasse

    Lasse´s ATA build

    SO... I've been afk from my TD because of toddlers and all my available building time going towards my astromech build. Now I'm back! Have a goal of having the armour assembled for FCBD, and have ordered e backpack from Rick. Helmet is finally hand painted and I have started gluing shins, thighs etc. Fingers crossed I'll be able to finish it this time around, haha Helmet this morning - This is not the breakfast we're looking for...
  13. Lasse

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi again guys! I'm not new, but have been away from my TD the last 6months+ as I found some droid parts....hehe Now I'm back and building again - at least for a while. Have a vague hope of finishing the armour in order for Free Comic Book Day in early May. Here me and my droid is appearing at a Star Wars panel at Stavanger Music & Film Library - first EVER appearance of a full scale astromech in Norway - yay! Still not finished, but getting there ever so slowly. Sorry for the language - the epic Viking tongue of Hoth http://www.tvvest.no/Video/Aktuelt/Siste-innslag/2013/2013-03-innslag/Valandsgutt-har-laget-R2-D2/
  14. As far as I know it will be restored along with the plane and eventuallu put on display in the museum hangar. Not me in the pic BTW, just some random salvage diver
  15. Luck would have it that a german Heinkeln 115 has been sleeping at the bottom of the sea just a mile from our local airplane museum! Guess what they pulled from the cockpit! A surprisingly helathy looking MG-15! This has been sitting at the bottom of the sea for 70 years! amazing!