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  1. ANOTHER Sonix Radio!

    200 US crazy... Lucky B
  2. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks buddy
  3. Real Sonix Victory Radio 75 Photos

    Lovely pics
  4. My move a long replica suit

    Thats all for now... Move a long... move a long
  5. My move a long replica suit

    Painted light grey icon on the side of the tool box:
  6. My move a long replica suit

    Spray paint drops on the tube, the three claw:
  7. My move a long replica suit

    Weathering circle on pauldron:
  8. My move a long replica suit

    Two left hand plates on both gloves, and LFL Wein Stolla MP 40 pouches left and right hips: After a short break, they skip the right side up out whit a ww2 spanish pouch. And gave him another glove on he's right hand whit a right hand hand plate on. To me a look like it was giving to the private beside of him whit the MG-15 (look at the weathering pattern on it)
  9. My move a long replica suit

    Here the oil drop on the leg going down:
  10. My move a long replica suit

    In the end of the belt here we see a weathering cut pattern, and a half moon on the third ammo belt side etc:
  11. My move a long replica suit

    Small detail but i like it. In the end of the ear cap it not trim/cut off so it follow the helmet line but popes out a little:
  12. My move a long replica suit

    In the pics left side looking at it the arm and leg are not adding up, but a bit longer in the assemble: We also see the pattern weathering on the chest add up in the center over the chest, there are a small spot on the side add as well and a line in the chest muscle going down etc: Plus the two spots on the side, the upper one i call the cat: Also the belt dot covers are add out the the end, they are normal add in the center of the end of the belt: Clean under the belt:
  13. My move a long replica suit

    The eyes, to the left in the pics a straight cut line whit a few mm too much plastic sating there. The other eye falls down in a curve:
  14. My move a long replica suit

    The ear caps fitting perfectly, but a gap on the side and the HDPE crack add as well: