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  1. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks bro. I have assembled around 16 full suits, and around 12 of them has been sand trooper suits and the rest anh stormtroopers. But this one is the one i have put the most time in of them. Move a long... move a long
  2. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks old friend
  3. Infos about move along scene

    But at least i got a new name to work whit for us, she might have been there, she might not... But her name on the flyer, and sand trooper autographs might mean something in the right direction... Move a long.... move a long
  4. Infos about move along scene

    All i know about who there was inside the sand troopers when it comes to the move a long scene is: I meet anthony forrest i copenhagen i oct 22-23- 2011. He was there together whit four other actors from the old saga... On the first flyer there was two sand troopers on the flyer. And picture of the other sand trooper was the other captain whit the dlt-19, and it was a female name under the captain sand trooper: Kaye Power McGowan On the second flyer her name was under a tusken raider, Anthony Forrest under move a long sand trooper, Allan Harris under bossk, and Simon williamson under max rebo. (the dlt-19 captain looks shorter vs. the others, and not so muscle a like, plus no backpack, it might be Kaye Power McGowan) Move a long.... move a long
  5. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks for the warm shoulder claps brothers, all ways nice to feel after all the crazy hours spend on it. Hugs back at ya from here
  6. My move a long replica suit

    Ha ha thanks bro and yeah your right, i have been working ******* the back pack to get it all done. Now its done and its great. I will take some new pics in some big sand graves/small deserts when the summer comes back
  7. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks its just a mix of the gloss abs kit and the hair spray job on it plus the flash getting the pictures taken.
  8. My move a long replica suit

    Thanks buddy. Its a full RS kit, both helmet and body armor
  9. My move a long replica suit

    A BIG!!! thanks to Strider for our long talks about this crazy suit from top to toe. Also a thanks to Travis, Clive, Ross, Ruggero, Woody, Gino.