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  1. Rio McDowell DZ - 27920 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16091
  2. So I sent this to someone who was interested in seeing the movie "42" which comes out this Friday Staring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford."The movie "42" was really good. I would definitely recommend seeing it if you're a baseball fan or just love movies based on true stories. The only thing I forewarn you about, is that they use the word "******" a lot. Like more than what could have sold the point. So if you can get past those racial slurs, this movie will hit your sensitive spot for s...

  3. So recently I have been spelling Finale instead of Final because I get my french and english mixed up. Yeah...I think I'm turning European. I spell theaters...theatres too. next I'll say le tele instead of television or something.

  4. As much as it pains me to say...for the love of Star Wars is great in me, playing swtor is great, but having it turn f2p is like watching Darth Vader suffocate to death at the end of ROTJ. I really wanted swtor to beat wow back in 2011. *sighs* To bad EA had to mess up the release.

  5. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.Through passion, I gain strength.Through strength, I gain power.Through power, I gain victory.through victory, my chains are broken.The Force shall free me.- Sith Code -

  6. Finally 30 Second to Mars makes a new album.....THANK YOU!

  7. Red Square with pink equals sign. Am I cool now? ;)So I heard Supreme Court is taking another *** bill under consideration? What's with ***'s wanting the title married so badly? Marriage is Biblical. It's a ceremony between a man and a woman, where each person gives their vows to never love anyone else and to love each other always through sickness and health. It's never said in the Bible (Christian) or the Tora (Judaism) that marriage is between two men and two woman.This doesn't mean ga...

  8. So, the question I'd like answered is....what are we going to do about it?
  9. "If it fits, it ships" build a box to fit the Brooklyn Bridge lol. But in all serious talk, I'm in need of a new knee ammo plate, ammo belt, morter tube keypad, morter tube white end cap, and MP40 pouches. So I BETTER NOT GET RIPPED OFF BY ANY MAIL DESTROYING A-HOLES!!!!
  10. So I've been told, the United States might not exist this coming monday. Want to know who started the rumors? It ryhmes with NORTH KOREA! >:( ( No offense intended)

  11. How'd they make Ted on stage at the Oscars?! I must know!

  12. I really want Adobe Production Premium Suite CS6, and my camera. I hate waiting lol. Let it be May already!

  13. So, rewriting the script to Tarmac, and....it's going pretty well. :)

  14. If you don't know how loud guns actually are, let me tell you. They are f**king loud! I went down to the Phoenix Gun and Rod Club to capture audio for Tarmac, and that was seriously the first time I realized that I was f**king stupid to think guns weren't as loud as people say. Standing 10 feet behind a guy unloading a full clip of 45. Cal. bullets into a wall of dirt hurt me more than if someone came up to me and slapped me in the ears. OUCH! Tomorrows first step before going back.....EAR PR...

  15. I hate when some people are too scared to talk to you, they have someone else do it for them. The nerve os some people. Grrr. >:(

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