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  1. CT6244 requesting access, thanks http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14150
  2. Looks like other amps, yes, but other amps havenĀ“t memory readers built in, this is awesome because you dont ned to connect any AUX IN device, forget the iPod or your cellphone, I will record inside the TF card the Radio Chatter 501st files (CT and others), then I will choose the file with the remote control and put in LOOP mode (before you needed to record the same file once and again to build an hour or less duration file and connect that device in the AUX IN), simple press the loop, PLAY and the background is ready. The mic is cardiod and will avoid amplify the sounds coming from down, avoiding the feedbacks and the Reverberation function will create the echo sound added to your voice. I am planning the demo video and I will upload to utube and the link here. The best way to look the workable apps is in a video. Thanks for looking, soon more info. Giovanni
  3. Hi brotherhood, I was looking for so long time a perfect amp for trooping, finally an overseas provider sent me this sample, now is time to check the pros and cons; the strong points in this amp are: [*]15 watts sound [*]Built in rechargeable battery (for 20 hours continuosly use), charge in 4 hours [*]Play files from USB memories and Micro SD (TF card) [*]Reverberation function [*]Headset mic with super-cardioid directional mic to avoid howling Here some pics (I blurred the brand but is not AKER, is other brand) CONTINUE...
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