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  1. Let me know if there was another one you wanted. thanks, jack v,
  2. Hope this helps, jack vartuli RedFox@optonline.net
  3. That's true - I have a Sterling SMG parts kit that I've welded back together - it is no complete yet but without the scope and Counter it is already very heavy for the holster. Thanks, jack vartuli RedFox@optonline.net
  4. Thanks for the info. guys. jack vartuli Redfox@optonline.net
  5. I'ld like to ask a really stupid question - What is Fullers Earth? and where do you get it? Thanks, jack Vartuli RedFox@optonline.net
  6. 1970s

    My girl

    How come things are always sexier in Europe? jack
  7. Dear Rolf, I own and SDS (AKA AA armor) it is not screen accurate! It is put together very well and has a nicer strapping system (meaning the straps hold the armor together very well from falling apart) than other kits but it is not accurate at all. I've owned 2 GF kits, an FX kit, and Marco entertainment kit. I started with the Marco entertainment armor in 1991, - then bought the FX kit in 2000, and sold the Marco. I then purchased my first GF kit in 2003 and sold the FX kit. Then I was trying purchase a Gino helmet but know one would put me in touch with him to do so - so I found another GF kit available in 2004 and bought it to make a sandtrooper. At that point the AA Armor came available - I sold my extra GF kit to pay for the AA armor. When I recieved my AA armor I sold my other set of GF armor. I'm saving up for troopermaster armor and I plan to turn my AA into a sandtrooper. AA makes a nice set of armor - but if you want Screen Accurate - it's not for you. Thanks, jack v RedFox@optonline.net
  8. Really cool - I will try this for my backpack. Thanks, jack v. redfox@optonline.net
  9. Really cool - I will try this for my backpack. Thanks, jack v. redfox@optonline.net
  10. Nice Job! jack vartuli Redfox@optonline.net
  11. Great Weathering job!! jack vartuli redFox@optonline.net
  12. Thanks Mike, I already have one of the smaller ones - like a quart or something. I'm going to pick a second one up on ebay. Thanks, jack
  13. Dear Mike, What size was your pitchers that you used to make the bee Stinger part? Thanks, jack vartuli RedFox@optonline.net
  14. They look really awesome - Can't wait so see some pictures of you wearing them. Thanks, jack V. RedFox@optonline.net
  15. When I went to school in NYC - they had stores that sold foam padding - you might be able to find a place in your local telephone book or on the internet. Back then Foam padding use to be expensive but I don't know what kind of cost it is today. Thanks, jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
  16. hshhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahhahahahahahhahahah
  17. I say this with the hopes not to upset you all - But why the **** did they use sandtroopers to find the plans - They were on foot and Dewbacks moving really slow - wouldn't it have made more scence to send scout troopers on speeder bikes or atleast some AT-AT's. I know what your all going to say - the speeder bike would not function in the desert sand (clogging up it's air filter) - but lukes land speeder worked - didn't the empire have something faster than a dewback to get there troopers around in the dessert. It explains why they burned Lukes Aunt and Uncle when they found them - I'ld be pretty mad too after having to walk all that distance in the dessert. Thanks, jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
  18. It sounds to me that any way you go your going to have to build up some padding in the armor to fit you well. Don't know how old you are but that to me (I'm 35) that doesn't seem much of a problem - being too thin! Good luck with the project. Thanks, Jack Vartuli RedFox@optoline.net
  19. That's actually my point - even though there are TK's in the other movies - when they had to make a new version (snow, scout, etc) there was always less armor than the original - I think while the original looked really cool, they realized it was too hard for the actors to work with and had less armor on new variations of the troopers. Even if you point out that the new movies - the Clones - have more armor than the origianl Stormtroopers - the clones are animated (CGI) an not actually an actor standing there in a costume. Thanks, jack v. Redfox@optonline.net
  20. I can agree with more toy sales but that still does not explain why there was less armor on the new troopers. thanks, jack v. redfox@optonline.net
  21. Thanks again for the antenna information - I just go all theparts together to make mine. thanks, jack v.
  22. I don't completely understand - the armor parts are sprayed with hair spray - then you apply dirt to the hairsprayed armor - and after the hairspray dries the dirt will stay on and make it throught he rain? Thanks, jack v. Redfox@optonline.net
  23. But again - that flat area does stand out as incorrect! - Still looking forward to your armor. Thanks, jack vartuli Redfox@optonline.net
  24. It looks better cut than the way I puchased if from SDS - with the strips going all the way to the bottom. thanks, jack v. RedFox@optonline.net
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