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  1. HFx was the first to introduce separately casted rubber pieces to limit seam lines with detailed pieces all mastered from real sterling parts. To name a few: Front Tips Rear Caps Backsight Foresight Back Cap Catch Cocking Handle Continuously learning as we grow with this hobby and with the availability of better materials, we have again opted to rebuild our master and incorporate cleaner sterling pieces to include the following upgrades: Magazine Magazine Housing Bayonet Grip Folding Stock Bolt cover for ejector port Separate Scope Rail Allen head to cover spout on grip for better detail Magazine Catch Screw T-track to hide top seam We feel that even with the added costs and extra effort the end results are well worth it. Please Email or Pm with any questions Thank you Lewis Lewis@hfxproductions.com
  2. slavefive


    great build!...we had ours scaled from a real simrad...very hard and expensive to find...
  3. slavefive

    Fixing a Hyperfirm

    you can use CA Glue... Lewis
  4. slavefive


    Hello I just listed a Lewis Gun on the FS section...$375.00 shipped which is an insane deal =)
  5. slavefive

    Hyperfirm DLT 19

    Awww man...you guys are going to make me get all emotional No worries and glad I was able to help...but you guys are forgetting one huge detail IMO, without you guys supporting us it would be very difficult to continue to make things available...so thank you from JB and I as well Lewis
  6. We will be offering Imperial Helmet casts after SDCC later this month... Laters Lewis
  7. We finally were able to put the newest version of our DLT-19 into the mold and get our 1st pull!!!... As I mentioned in a few threads that we were converting our MG34 into the DLT-19...and it is ready to go... -Box cover for the feed tray -Fins (per Braksbuddy diagram) -Bakelite Stock (a big thank you goes to Art aka Braksbuddy) -Conical Disk for the the handle Please dont mind the bakelite paintjob...did it at 12am after getting hom from the shop...did it at midnight when I got home from the shop...I think it should be darker... Laters Lewis
  8. We are currently about to release our newest version...a fully modified DLT-19 (with t-tracks, ejector cover, and disc greeblie)...should be ready within a week...work keeps getting in the way... I will miss modding the original MG34s...well maybe not =P Thanks for the kind words everyone... Talk soon Lewis
  9. slavefive

    Buyer Be Warned

    Pm sent... And our new DLT-19 shoudl be out very shortly...T-tracks, ejector cover, and handle greeblie all part of the new gun =) Talk soon Lewis
  10. slavefive

    Buyer Be Warned

    did someone say Sci-Fire???... PLMK if I can help... Talk soon Lewis www.sci-fire.com
  11. slavefive

    MG-34 Repair question

    CA glue will work just fine... You can then paint it with rattle can Krylon Semi-Flat black... Hope this helps Lewis
  12. MG15 is now done...we took some pics to show what the finished version would look like...minus weathering and steel braided line which will be added in a few days... The amount of armatures in this one is brutal!!!! All thos participating in this initial run will recieve weathered MG15s... Hope you enjoy the pics
  13. ...man...I am going to have a bin full of pauldrons after this next run!!!
  14. Sorry for the lack of posts regarding the WIP...with Holidays it is tuff getting back into the grind We have also been brain storming on how to attach the scopes and retaining the canon look of the MG15...it is proving to be much more difficult then with casting the body and drum... We are having some scope mounts made by hand to see if that will help in our goal... Look for some posts once we have the initial prototypes made... Lewis