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  1. MIAMI437

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    I need access please. Don Rothfuss (miami437), TD-3129.
  2. MIAMI437

    Weathered Pauldron/ reveiw of the SB pauldron

    Thanks for all the great reviews! Once again, I thank Gundamzeppelin for his help! The next thing now is to update the MG-34.
  3. MIAMI437

    Weathered Pauldron/ reveiw of the SB pauldron

    Just so everyone knows, this is one of Seth and Mike's pack. Here is a back view.
  4. MIAMI437

    Weathered Pauldron/ reveiw of the SB pauldron

    Just to showcase some more of Gundamzeppelin's work, here are some pics of his work on the armor. The two pauldron's above are mine. I didn't get them in time for when the below pics where taken. When I get a chance I'll try to get some more. For people like me who have no spare time, Gundamzeppelin is a life saver. He was great to work with and communication was incredible. He would always pm with updated pics on every step. Great guy to work with.
  5. I took these two photo's from THIS thread (I didn't want to hijack it). If this topic has been brought up before, please forgive. Along with the armor in the box is an AR-15 without the front hand guards, no "carrying handle" or rear sight, no pistol grip, and the stock looks to be made up of something. Has anyone ever seen in a any production photo's, behind the scenes, or any reference books the use of an AR? Or was this pic taken post production years later and the AR is from some other movie? I don't know the origin of the pic, Ive' only seen it here on the MEPD forums. It would be nice if they were either used or modeled after for other weapons. I've been thinking of using an M-79 and adding a couple of no frills parts as a project to make another TD weapon. I've always liked how the "Blooper" looked and it would fit nicely into a TD's arsenal.
  6. Could you guys also make a charging handle? Any word on if this will happen?
  7. I just stumbled across this thread. I would be interested in 2 kits. Possible a new 34 with the kit added as well.
  8. MIAMI437

    ******HyperFirm MG-34 Auction******

    Auction over. Looks like I won! It didn't go as well as I had hoped. Seth, thanks for letting me host it here.
  9. MIAMI437

    ******HyperFirm MG-34 Auction******

    Just a little over 26 hours left. It will end tomorrow at midnight(mountain time)!
  10. MIAMI437

    I'm back

    Request deployment HERE
  11. This auction is for a new HyperFirm MG-34. Just received today! Thanks to JB and slavefive at SCI-FIRE for their generous donation for this auction! It is being auctioned off to raise money for Shane Gordan and family. Please refer to THIS thread on the 501st boards. All money from the auction will be given to Shane. You can post a bid here or if you want to remain anonymous, PM me. I will update this post with current bids. The auction will close on Aug 1st at midnight. Good Luck! BIDS Miami437-$400 Once bidding is over, payment instructions will be sent to the winner. The MG-34 will be shipped via UPS once payment is received. I will cover shipping costs. Moderators-Seth allowed me to post the auction here in the Barracks. This auction is announced on 501st boards and some may not be members here. Please don't move.
  12. MIAMI437

    AP shoulder bells

    Exactly! The pauldron will cover the right shoulder but the left side bothers me. I thought of heating up a bit to try to widen it. But I thought I'd ask first. I would hate to ruin it. I don't want to make the elastic trap super tight either to try to hold it in. Thanks.
  13. MIAMI437

    AP shoulder bells

    Has anyone had/or tried to mod the bells so that they don't "flare" out. I'm a little big for the bells and I'm wondering what the best route would be.
  14. MIAMI437

    TD ID #

    Mine happens to be my ext. number at work! Sad isn't it?
  15. It looks like the Sith armor. http://cgi.ebay.com/World-War-II-Stormt ... dZViewItem