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    Passionate and loyal, 4dan Karate Do Student, Creative Director:
    Always worked in advertising. Likes and loves movies, specially action an dark humor ones as a matter of fact working in the movie industry (foreign film) , video games ps3, dating hot but intelligent women, this is a difficult one, jajajaja! "brains are sexy". About to world travel.

    Has a hobby of blogging everything dealt with villains and heroes of the comic book universe.
    Last but not least: Faithful to good principles and discipline.
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  1. Hi been trying to keep up to date the Deployed PO and SWAT Officers. If someone is missing its forum digital card please let me know.
  2. Hi Tony, we had to get proper authorization. Now that we have a go. Gordon will announce what's coming about it. You will be delighted you'll see. Thanks for chiming in.
  3. Whenever you can if it’s Mimban by mid April. I’ll work them according on what I receive or have sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi brotherhood! We are looking for inspiration for new artwork proposals for MIMBAN, MAGMA and JEDHA Troopers. Instead of using references from the web, we’d prefer if those of you who have any of these armors to provide us with high resolution pics, so we could select which of them could suit best for artwork swag purpose. See the attached references and visual guideline and pointers for those submitting photos to the MEPD artwork team: PLEASE DO: 1. Have your picture taken in a neutral background. A solid color is preferred. Therefore we don’t loose detail when cutting out the pic. 2. Have your picture taken in a straight angle according to your modeling pose. 3. Have your picture taken completely, better yet from the thighs to your head so all detail can be present. 4. Take different shots in the same angle: front, 3/4. Will select the best pose of your self-made photo shooting. AVOID: 1. Taking your picture in a dark, foliage, or low light background. It makes cut out very difficult and detail may be lost. 2. Taking your picture in a shiny or too white background that may compete with your custom and making it difficult to see which is background and which is your armor. 3. Taking your picture with flash either from your smartphone or digital camera. 4. Taking your picture in full sunlight or complete darkness as detail will be lost or become pixelated. 5. The bubblehead effect. This happens when those taking the picture for you raise the camera or smartphone in an elevated angle making you look like a Funko Bubblehead. LOL. DO YOU NEED SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FOR TAKING YOUR PICTURE? Not really, most smartphone now at days come with a decent and powerful camera. Setting your picture in high resolution or definition will work out fine. The same applies to the use of a digital camera, at the end it all comes down on who is taking the picture for you and the keen eye to make you look great in a series of pics. HOW SHOULD YOU SUBMIT YOUR PICTURES? By email Via droopbox, google drive or we transfer link to Sandman´s Tigui e mail: tigui@icloud.com Please in the emails header type if you are Mimban, Magma or Jedha and your TD number. Thank you!!!
  5. Love the backpacks, awesome news for the Detachment!
  6. I’m in for the artwork just shoot me a pm and get you artworked
  7. @SCRIBBLER let us check it out with Mike. You do have your arttwork card right?
  8. All merchandising that has Legion logos of any kind need Legion Merchandising Approval prior to making any. We as a Detachment don't have an ongoing run or design. If you'd like to do your trading cards visit the Legion Forum with trading card runs that may be what you need.
  9. Revising my Imperial Duties, I see that I have every pic sent by you troopers up to date. If I'm missing someone please let me know to artwork you asap!!!
  10. I'm just pending TD 48104 Corey for artwork that I will have in no time to have all my artwork officers update. Anyone missing his Forum Card please let me know. Thank you
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