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  1. A friend of mine is looking to go SWAT and has AM armor. Are there any basic/major issues with this armor that would prevent him from achieving SWAT? I didn't think there was, but figured I'd ask here. The L3 CRLs for TD don't mention anything about it, but the L3 TK CRLs specifically mention AM, and point out particular issues with it.
  2. The backwards pauldron makes me inherently skeptical.
  3. I'd love to get one of these. Hopefully these won't be super expensive or hard to get.
  4. I like the original version better. Probably because I saw it in theaters a few times.
  5. Sweet. I'm part of a holiday now? lol... Oh...wait....
  6. Like the Count said, "One" Ah-ah-ah...
  7. I always keep a towel in my bin anyway. I might as well have a cool looking one!
  8. Definitely good news that John Williams will rightfully return to score the film. The rumor of Justin Bieber having anything at all to do with EP VII is clearly false as I will disintegrate him myself before that happens. I have no opinion of the other rumored "no-names", but I'm certain Bieber will most definitely be fed to the Sarlacc before he has anything to do with Star Wars!
  9. Yeah. Me too. I shouldn't talk. lol.
  10. I know right? She'll have to be tied up at Jabba's palace for a few weeks before EP VII's Shooting starts.
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